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by Neko-Vi

An amazing design! Words can't describe the outfit worn in this picture. It reminds of the old days in Spain and in England (specifical...

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Tenth 'night'
Sapphire: *opening her eyes, awakening* Mmmm,..mmm (yawn) That was some dream. I…*notices herself in Kaito’s arms* (blush) I really gotta stop ending up in my beloved’s arms in the morn. It’s terribly embarrassing.
Kaito: I don’t think that.
Sapphire: You’re just saying that, Kai—HEY! You are awake! How long were you…? ...Damn it. (blush)
Kaito: Morning, sleepy princess.
Sapphire: You too, Kaito. I can't stay mad at you forever. Now, get your ass out of bed before I make you. I’ve got work to do.
Kaito: Sure thing. *slips out of bed as the princess cracks her knuckles after bringing out her laptop to work on some of her stories*
(A little later, it had begun to rain. Sapphire decided to take a break and watch some "Goosebumps" online.) 
Sapphire: *gasp as she covers her mouth with her hands in awe at what she's watching*
Kaito: *coming in the room* I heard a gasp. Is everything all right?
Sapphire: Hey. Just watching "Goos
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Ninth 'night'
(Today's October 9th. Sapphire is busy typing up something for one of her stories, while Princess Rose Quartz and Marie Mihawk rehearse their comedy routine. Steven Universe, the Crystal Gems, and Connie had stopped by to watch the routine with Sapphire's fiancé Kaito and give constructive and helpful feedback on the routine. Tennessee "Kid" Cooper strolls in and notices the princess working. Curious, and maybe a glint of mischief, he tries to glance at it over her shoulder.)
Tennessee: Whatcha’ working on?
Sapphire: Nothing.
Tennessee: Doesn’t look like it. Maybe I can read.
Sapphire: *flustered, covering the screen up with her hands* NO! It’s not done yet!
Kaito: Quit messing with her, Tenn.
Marie: I'm trying to practice this comedy routine with Rosie.
Sapphire: Thank you, Kaito, Miss Mihawk.
Kaito: *notices something odd about Sapphire and comes over to her* Are you okay? You look tired.
Sapphire: I’m fine, Kaito. Why do you ask? *stands up and stretches
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Eighth 'night'
(It's October 8th. Sapphire is busy typing up another chapter while also looking at videos and listening to music for inspiration. She looks up and notices her cousin Sarastro being assisted by Ronald Knox and Tennessee. She rolls her eyes at her cousin’s antics with them and laughs a bit.)
Sapphire: If you’re gonna ‘monkey around’, do that number somewhere else.
Ronald+Tennessee: *looking over her shoulders* You’re such a workaholic
Sapphire: I know Ronald, Tenn. But if I don’t get this done, no chapter will be published. And the fans would be disappointed. And no peeking. *pouting, Ronald Knox turns away*
Sarastro: *as Sapphire types some more* Come on, cos. I gotta be great for the auditions
Sapphire: *still typing* Since when did you get to be so vain, dear cousin? You were all shy when I persuaded you to do Aladdin
Sarastro: (blush) I still am. *Puppycat awakens from his nap*
Puppycat: (She totally is a workaholic, gentlemen! Luckily, Bee,
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Fifth 'night'
(Ruby and Erik are talking happily with Sly and the gang about their wedding plans. Murray almost lets out what Sapphire's wedding present to them is, but Penelope quickly stops him. Erik looks at the calendar as Reiko and Coppelius curl up on Sly and Bentley's laps and notes today's October 5th.)
Ruby: He's right. Hmmm, what’s the next “night” to be?
Penelope: Free.
All (except Penelope): Free?
Erik: What do you mean, Penelope?
Penelope: Sapph gave us a day off. I don’t blame her. She looked stressed.
Bentley: Poor kid.
Penelope: You said it, Bentley.
Murray: I’m guessing you two are tolerating each other now.
Sly: Well, it’s a start.
Ruby: I’m with you, Sly.
Erik: I’m bored.
All (except Erik): Erik!
Ruby: Hmmm…I think I know just the thing.
Murray: You do?
Bentley: *as Ruby rummages through their DVD collection* Need any help?
Ruby: No I got it. Thanks, anyway. Ah, here it is. *triumphantly she pulls out a familiar DVD*
Bentley: *
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Fourth 'night'
(It's been 3 days since the "nights" of Halloween started. It's morning, and the fourth "night" is getting set up. The Ice Queen is teaching Angela and Callie how to be evil and scary for their role of Ursula (Callie for the fourth night and Angela for the show "Villains Tonight!") as Garnet Andromeda looks over her part carefully. Nearby, Yuko had ordered some coffee and breakfast and was waiting nearby when she sees Two Brains. She waves hello to him and to come over. He does so, and sits across from her at the table, thanking her for waiting for him.)
Yuko: Can you believe what happened yesterday on the third "night"?
Two Brains: Well, it was pretty fun to get to be Zazu again. And Sapph's still crazy in the role, in a good way of course.
Yuko: I'm glad she waited until the end of it. After hearing about the contest, I was dying to see who'd win.
Two Brains: Same here. Sapphire and that country boy must've drunk a lot of those Texas Sunsets.
Yuko: Yup. If there's one thing Sapph and
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First 'night'
(Penelope is sitting with Sapphire talking about things.)
Sapphire: Did you ever feel guilty for what you did?
Penelope: Yes. I didn't mean to hurt him. But it was because of a vampire Cyril was forced to be friends with that I've been brainwashed to do the bidding.
Sapphire: I'm sorry. Please tell me their name, so Alice and I can stake their heart. Or at least give them a piece of our minds. *Penelope opens her mouth to say something only for them to hear the main entrance door open and talking* It's okay. You don't have to tell me right away. But rest assured, we will find them.
Penelope: Thank you.
(The group soon walks in as Sapphire turns away to look at the window and Reiko climbs up onto her lap and curls up on it. They're all talking about what happened last week at one of the rehearsals for Ruby and Erik's wedding present (Sly and Sapphire singing a duet of "Wolf Song" and her being flustered throughout the whole thing when he got too close) all while Le Paradox is listening,
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Queendom Hearts chapter 51
Elsewhere, a dark blue female hedgehog sighed and stared out the window at the night sky, while sitting on the window ledge.
"No new cases today." she said to herself, looking at the black and green patterned bracelet on her wrist, "I wonder if I'll see her again soon. Sailor Destiny, no, Sora, I hope you made it back safely from OZ."
She then climbed into bed and fell asleep as downstairs Charmy Bee snoozed on the couch, while her little sister slept on the bed downstairs, Vector worked on the laptop, and Espio practiced his training.
The next morning, Sora went down to the river; his majesty King Mickey was kind enough to point out one near the woods. It had been a crazy adventure so far! Traveling across time, seeing a castle in the sky, helping Alice and her Wonderland, and rescuing the Wizard of OZ!
Sora stripped off her pajamas when she came down to the river. Then she set out the towels, and hairbrush and comb for after along with some shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, my magi
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An art lesson.... by QueenIchigoHatsune An art lesson.... :iconqueenichigohatsune:QueenIchigoHatsune 2 2
Snow White and Rose Red's Adventures part 1
Scene 1-HOMC onstage, outside a tavern and the baron Edward's house
(Someone sits onstage in pirates' attire. The curtain rises on a woman (Yuko Ichihara) sitting at the window, looking out at a sunny day. It also reveals a familiar pied piper (Ruby) sitting near a tavern.)
Loki (Ruby): Once there was a man named Edward. He was a baron of a city in England, said to be very prosperous and rich. The baron had a beautiful wife named Rose Red. Together, they ruled justly and fairly, were kind to the poor and other people in difficult times, and they had all they could wish for. Alas, the only thing they didn't have was a child to share it with them. One lovely day, the baroness was doing some embroidery after having a break writing a novel. As she did so, she looked out the window at the summer sea and the people bustling about, for it was summertime and the festival season. She carelessly pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell on the snow-colored window rail. She sighed,
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ID # 18 by QueenIchigoHatsune ID # 18 :iconqueenichigohatsune:QueenIchigoHatsune 2 0 Maria Toadstool in Wonderland (1st visit) by QueenIchigoHatsune Maria Toadstool in Wonderland (1st visit) :iconqueenichigohatsune:QueenIchigoHatsune 1 0 ID # 17 by QueenIchigoHatsune ID # 17 :iconqueenichigohatsune:QueenIchigoHatsune 0 0
Villains Tonight 2!
(The audience applauds, some even cheer as Ursula (Angela O'Malley) turns around and is all smiles to them. Panic even shouts out, "I love you!" to her. During her number, "Poor Unfortunate Souls", the sea witch flirts a bit with Emily O'Malley's husband Patrick. On the dancing bit, Madame Leota is seen helping out the dancers and Ursula with the song. Pain and Panic even contribute some of their own choreography to the number. The number ends with a big pose from all of them and applause. Ruby leads a standing ovation, impressed by this Ursula and the little solos Madame Leota has in the number. Ursula thanks the audience during the applause and cheers, and casts a spell on the Evil-O-Meter causing it to increase a bit. Outside of the show, Madame Leota is thanked for saving the show. As her reward, Ursula points out to go through the Elephant Graveyard; thanking her, Madame Leota swims up to the surface as Pain and Panic drop off their invitation to Ursula, asking her to help out Had
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Villains Tonight!
Scene 1, NYC, Hiruko's teahouse
(22 year old Princess Sapphire is seen resting in a familiar teahouse under bedsheets in a comfy bed. It's Hiruko's place. Puppycat and Garnet Andromeda the newly crowned Martian Queen, come into the room.)
Hiruko: *As Morpheus leaves the room.* I know why you two are here. You desire to come and get your friend?
Garnet: We do.  The rest of the group will be catching up.
(A little ways from the teahouse, Princess Sapphire's cousin, Sarastro, is heading over to the teahouse with 6 familiar faces (who grew up) in tow.)
Sarastro: How long have you six known my cousins?
Blossom: Since grade school.
Bubbles: We first met them by getting Ruby away from fans
Buttercup: I met Sapph later on when I found her sitting by herself at lunch after standing up to Brick
Sarastro: Seriously? She—?
Brick: Yup. She stood up to me, no girl besides the Powerpuffs ever did that until she came into our lives.
Boomer: Brick was being a dick at the time although we wer
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Dark Seduction part 2
Kaito: Right. Louise used to be Evangeline Blue's dresser, and also Jason's former lover. Jason had moved on with Eva, though rumors suggested that Eva seduced him as she had the hots for him.
Garnet: So Louise pushed her overboard as payback for stealing Jason away from her. And Jason kept his mouth shut out of guilt.
Kaito: That was the theory, but after questioning, Louise's innocence could not be denied. She hated Evangeline for stealing her sweetheart away from her, but she'd never go so far as to kill her.
Count D: Meanwhile, it'd been days since anyone had seen Jason. He'd been spending all his time with "Eva", convinced that his wife had come back from the grave. Just like the human siren before her, "Eva" was thrilled to have this handsome man at her beck and call.
Kaito: One day, the police discovered the real Eva's body, or at least part of it. It'd washed up on shore, and it looked like a shark tore it into pieces, only the left thigh was badly decomposed. Out of conce
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Queendom Hearts chapter 50
"I will personally escort you over to Glinda Elfman's palace myself," Oz said to Sora the next morning. "Finley and I have someone to visit over the China Mountains in Quadling Country anyway."
"Thank you, Oz." Erik replied as Alucard perched on his shoulder while Finley perched on Oz's. Gyro set Little Helper on his shoulder.
"Thanks for letting me stay here until someone could help me get home." said Gyro to Oz as the two men shook hands.
The little group of six had packed their bags and said their goodbyes and gave hugs to their friends. They were now waiting at the bus stop for the bus to take them to Quadling Country.
"Wait I forgot something..." answered Sora, noticing Dr. Dillamond sitting at the square fountain with Thingy comforting him in his lap. She then walked over to him.
"You've said your goodbyes, Miss Sora." Dr. Dillamond murmured.
"Not quite." smiled Sora.
Dr. Dillamond looked up at her, confused, only for Sora's lips to gently meet his in a gentle kiss. She pulled aw
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My stories. Please read them if you want.


Powerpuff Girls React to the 2016 Reboot by KessieLou Powerpuff Girls React to the 2016 Reboot :iconkessielou:KessieLou 48 30
Human three caballeros x reader (Part 16)
Donald Duck:
Donald is not only known to screw things up, but gets angry easily. He'll get angry at anyone, including his friends, for even the smallest mistake or joke. The only person he never gets angry Y/N. No matter what kind of mistake or joke she does on Donald, he would just laugh it off or plain ignore it.
When the three caballeros and Y\N are going on a trip to find new adventures, the driver of the car is always Donald, except when they're using Panchito's magical flying serape. Y\N likes when Donald's driving the '313'. Specially when he goes faster than the normal car speed.
Donald does smile once in a while, but only when he's the center of attention, having fun, or is alone with Y/N. The latter is when his smile is at it's peak.
Every sailor is always searching for a treasure, But Donald knows that he had already found his own and that treasure is Y\N. Because she knows that he's not as bad or useless as the most of people thinks about h
:iconfaoula16:faoula16 9 3
26th Anniversary by Pancake06 26th Anniversary :iconpancake06:Pancake06 81 12
Mature content
Werewolf!Romano x Harvester!Reader =Lemon= :iconhetalianlemonade:HetalianLemonade 72 18
Sailor Mercury Crystal by riccardobacci Sailor Mercury Crystal :iconriccardobacci:riccardobacci 95 0 Boom Boom Rose by ASB-Fan Boom Boom Rose :iconasb-fan:ASB-Fan 17 6 Oops! by salty-hero224 Oops! :iconsalty-hero224:salty-hero224 245 26 Sibling Thieves in Time - Ancient Egypt by JennissyCooper Sibling Thieves in Time - Ancient Egypt :iconjennissycooper:JennissyCooper 121 99 Time with Daddy by JennissyCooper Time with Daddy :iconjennissycooper:JennissyCooper 89 101 Shadamy Joker by CatBecker Shadamy Joker :iconcatbecker:CatBecker 42 13 Jupiter Coconut Cyclone by riccardobacci Jupiter Coconut Cyclone :iconriccardobacci:riccardobacci 141 0 Daily 1361. Peppurrs by Cryptid-Creations Daily 1361. Peppurrs :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,842 120 request for faoula16 by megibabe request for faoula16 :iconmegibabe:megibabe 9 15 Summer Blazin' by Blossom-fur7 Summer Blazin' :iconblossom-fur7:Blossom-fur7 271 83 Let it all burn by GreenDogBARKZ Let it all burn :icongreendogbarkz:GreenDogBARKZ 143 26
They're really great!!! These artists really know how to do their stuff.



Press the X button to CHU by Eniotna Press the X button to CHU :iconeniotna:Eniotna 248 31 Yin Yang 2011 by DeniseAWells Yin Yang 2011 :icondeniseawells:DeniseAWells 2,637 161 hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 143,843 11,131 hades and persephone 1 by sandara hades and persephone 1 :iconsandara:sandara 57,866 2,600 Embrace +Demon and Snow lady+ by Bory-Einfrost Embrace +Demon and Snow lady+ :iconbory-einfrost:Bory-Einfrost 4,763 438 Frost by Bory-Einfrost Frost :iconbory-einfrost:Bory-Einfrost 2,702 338 Unlock your feelings... by Red-Priest-Usada Unlock your feelings... :iconred-priest-usada:Red-Priest-Usada 4,540 162 silent maid by Teruchan silent maid :iconteruchan:Teruchan 7,886 954



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Frankly, there's a person on dA who really wants high popularity. That person banned Jared, a.k.a. Roninhunt0987 to be better than him because of the way he does his art and stories. If I was you, post this journal on your page to warn other people about this, we need to show this person we know what's going on!  Warn your watchers, tell them other sites you are on so they can find you again, also, update your password to make it strong! Let's show this person they messed with the wrong site!


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I love anime, manga, and video games. I am also a Broadway girl (in other words, I've seen a couple of Broadway shows). I love music except dirty rap however I love the Storycrafter raps because they make sense and tell a story. I also like many different movies, except for the High School Musical trilogy and Lemonade Mouth and Twilight Saga (sparkling vampires? Not cool.).

Favourite genre of music: Any kind except dirty rap
Favourite style of art: Any kind
Wallpaper of choice: Anime themed
Skin of choice: Black, Red, or purple
Favourite cartoon character: Every single one except for ones I hate
Personal Quote: "There's a price to pay in everything. Nothing in life is free."

Hates: cyber-bullying, haters, liars, bullies, any kind of abuse, 'no thank you' helpings, seafood, spicy foods, bossy parents (like my dad)

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