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Kodona Lifestyle by Neko-Vi
by Neko-Vi

An amazing design! Words can't describe the outfit worn in this picture. It reminds of the old days in Spain and in England (specifical...

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Scene 1-NYC, apartment, living room
(A 9 year old Princess Sapphire is seen on top of a ladder above the door. It's been a few weeks since she recovered from her depression. Sapphire is trying to balance a bucket on top of the entrance door carefully, when--)
José: Ei! *Sapphire looks down to see him coming in with Panchito.*
Panchito: What are you doing up there?
Sapphire: Sheesh, what does it look like? *just after balancing the bucket, she starts to hop down the ladder, only to slip on one of the steps and fall straight into José's arms.* Sorry. Muito obrigado. (Thank you very much)
José: Não há de quê. (You're welcome)
Panchito: *after José sets Sapphire back down on her feet and she dusts herself off.* Shouldn't you be in school?
(Sapphire points out the window saying, "Look out there." The two of them see it's snowing really hard.)
Sapphire: It's snowing really hard, and the radio said my school was among the closed ones. I got bored staying inside, so I went out for a bit and got some stuff for a prank.
Panchito+José: A prank?
José: You pull pranks as well?
Sapphire: I do, but all in good fun. No malice or anything, unless it's someone I don't really like.
Panchito: Would you look at that? A niña after our own hearts. Um, by the by, what's in that bucket?
Sapphire: Gummy worms and crushed cookies. I learned this one from my cousin Sarastro. The Warners also taught me the snail tea and whoopee cushion one.
José: Hmm...I think you can do better than that.
Sapphire: *cute angry pout* What's that supposed to mean?
Panchito: Put that over the door, and then, put dirty water instead of coffee in his mug when he goes to get a drink after a shower that turns his feathers pink thanks to dye in his shampoo.
Sapphire: Why would I do that? I was going to save that for that stupid rat you guys talked about. What was his name again, Mortimer?
José: Ah sim (yes). He is worse. *Panchito and Sapphire nod in agreement.* You know, we should bring you and Ruby to the House of Mouse sometime. I'm sure Senhor Mickey would've loved to meet the both of you.
Sapphire: *shyly* I don't know if we should go there.
José: Nonsense. It's a party there.
Panchito: José's right. Every day in the House of Mouse is el mucho grande fiesta!
Ruby: *just coming into the living room.* What about studying? Sapph and I have school you know. *Sapphire nods in agreement adding, "And you know me and school. I never miss a day intentionally unless I'm sick or something."*
Sapphire: Oh wait, I forgot. Did you look outside, Ruby? The radio said your school's closed too.
Ruby: Yes, I heard. I guess maybe we can go, but only today.
Donald: *as the bucket is heard falling on top of him after he opens the door and the gummi worms and crushed cookies spill on top of him.* WAK!
Sapphire: *tries to stifle it but bursts out laughing in the end.*
(Ruby turns back to her book and doesn't show interest. José and Panchito flash knowing looks at each other as they hold back chuckles. Sapphire innocently smiles as if to say, "Wasn't me.")
Donald: Ok, why am I covered in dirt?
Ruby: I have no idea, and I had no part in it.
Panchito: You look like you fell down in a bag of potting soil.
Donald: More like potting soil fell on me! Whoever was stupid enough to leave that up there is responsible for me getting worms, WORMS, on my head.
Ruby: Worms that are bi-colored and likely made of jello?
Donald: What? *takes a worm off his head; sees it's a gummy worm* If those were gummi worms, the dirt must be cookies.
(Sapphire, by this time, had snuck off and shut the door to her room, only to end up laughing so hard in her room.)
Donald: *marches over to Sapphire's room. Knocking on the door.* Young lady, come out of there.
Sapphire: *laughing too hard.* No way, man!
Ruby: (giggle) I'm sorry but this is highly amusing.
José: Please, come out.
Sapphire: Ok.
Donald: *stressed sigh as Sapph comes out of her room.* How or why she listens to you, Joe, I'll never know. *to Sapphire who innocently places her hands behind her back.* Well...
Sapphire: Well what? *Donald just raises an eyebrow at her.* Oh, the gummy worms and cookie dirt. *giggle* Better that than real dirt and worms. 

Scene 2-NYC, House of Mouse, backstage, onstage, later backstage
(Sapphire opens the door. But instead of the House of House front she expected, she finds herself backstage. She finds penguins scuttling about to try and get a show ready by delivering costumes, setting up props, etc. She even sees a view to the audience.)
Sapphire: *looking at the view.* Wow! *a smile forms on her face. She hears someone. Curious, she hides behind a curtain, and sees Professor Owl fretting.*
Professor Owl: *sigh* Oh dear. How terrible. Our Dorothy Gale...out sick. And we have no understudy. Then again, our production is new.
(Sapphire gives a sympathetic look to Professor Owl. She almost starts to walk away.)
Sapphire: *to herself.* Maybe there is a place out there, Toto. Yes, there must be. *Professor Owl looks up as Sapphire walks onto the empty stage, no one in their seats to watch.* It isn't a place you can get too by boat or train, it's far far away from here...Somewhere....*singing.* When all the world is a hopeless jumble and the raindrops tumble all around, heaven opens a magic glade. *she doesn't notice Sultan the footstool puppy as Toto come out onstage too.* ......When all the clouds darken up the skyway, there's a rainbow highway to be found leading from your windowpane. To a place behind the sun and moon! Just a step beyond the wind and the rain....*As she sings, she didn't notice Professor Owl conducting the orchestra to play it in C major nor does she notice anyone behind her. She sees NiGHTS dressed like a bluebird playing flute up in a prop tree and smiles before singing the last refrain. She then sighs and lets herself sit on the stage, dreamily.*
Professor Owl: *flies over after Sultan runs over to Sapphire.* I beg your pardon, but...who are you? I haven't seen you in the House of Mouse.
Sapphire: I don't work here if that's what you're asking.
Minnie: Professor Owl! *comes over to him.* Is it true there's no--?
Professor Owl: No need to worry, Minnie. *pointing out Sapphire, as Sultan licks Sapphire's face.* I found Miss Gale right here.
Sapphire: Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Sapphire.
Minnie: A pleasure I'm sure. Look, I'm--
Sapphire: Say no more, Minnie. I know you're stressed. I don't blame you. I'd be too if I were in a situation like that.
Minnie: In that case, Wardrobe!
Professor Owl: Makeup!
Horace Horsecollar: *from somewhere as the Wardrobe appears behind Sapphire and helps her get in costume.* Mike!
Sapphire: I'll go take a look around. *to Wardrobe.* Thanks. *as Sapphire leaves, the Wardrobe says, "Don't mention it, dear."*
Wardrobe: What a nice young lady.
Professor Owl: She almost acts like a princess. Hmmm...her voice is lovely, but I'm sure with a little training from me, it could be even lovelier. I'll ask her after the show.
Minnie: I'd better get ready too. *Minnie leaves with the Wardrobe in tow.*

Scene 3-NYC, House of Mouse, entrance hall, later in audience and onstage
(Pete had stomped over to Mickey dressed as a farmer. Sapphire in her costume sees Pete being mean, and throws a toy spider on Pete's head. Mickey notices it and--)
Mickey: *trying not to laugh.* Um, Pete, I hate to break it to you, but--
Pete: What? What's so funny?
Mickey: *trying not to laugh.* I see a big giant spider on your head.
(Pete notices it, and as he screams and runs away, trying to get it off, Sapphire and Mickey burst out laughing.)
Sapphire: *recovering.*  That's what you get for being mean, Mr. Fat CAT! *notices Mickey recovering from laughter too.* Oh, hi there, Mr. Mouse.
Mickey: Oh, hello Dorothy. Wait, I thought you were sick. *A barking Sultan rushes out with Princess Aurora dressed as the Tin Woman in tow.*
Sapphire: I heard Professor Owl mention that.
Aurora: He means Alice, dear. *Sapphire turns to her.* Alice was supposed to play her for our winter show. Our first one. Sadly, she got a cold.
Sapphire: I'm sorry. I hope she feels better. *to Mickey.* I'm her last minute replacement.
Mickey: What's your name?
Sapphire: Sapph- *suddenly Mike the Mic is heard announcing Mickey's presence.*
Mickey: Oh no! The show is starting. Tell us later!
(He runs off and slides out onto the stage to introduce the show. Sapphire sees many Disney characters go in to get to their audience tables and seats. One of them, Maleficent, notices Aurora and Sapphire in their costumes. Sultan growls at her as Sapphire goes into a guarding stance and stares intently at her.)
Maleficent: A child? Playing the starring role?
Sapphire: Got a problem with that, ugly dragon lady?
Maleficent: Such insolence!
Aurora: *crossing her arms and smirking at Maleficent.* Still miffed for not being cast as the Witch of the West?
Sapphire: She should've been the witch of the west. Then I could've melted her, and she has the skin for it.
Maleficent: *to Sapphire and Aurora.* I don't know whether to be mad at the both of you or not. No matter. I saw Pete scuttling about like his hair was on fire. *notices Sapphire innocently swaying her body back and forth while whistling a small tune.* You had something to do with it?
Sapphire: *a sly smile on her face.* MAAAAAybe....
Maleficent: Perhaps there is more potential in you than I first thought. *begins to walk off. Turns to Sapphire.* Tell me, princess. What is your name?
Sapphire: What makes you think I'm royalty? And besides, why ruin the moment? *waves goodbye to Maleficent as she leaves. Turns to a surprised Aurora.* Even if she is a villain, Aurora, we have to act civil.
Aurora: ......That's true. Come on, let's go backstage. Mickey's going to introduce the show.
(The two girls leave with Sultan in tow just as Ruby arrives at the entrance with the caballeros.)
Ruby: Where'd she go? Knowing my little sister, she always finds someway to get ahead of us. *notices Jafar at a table and goes over to him.* Excuse me. Have you seen--?
Jafar: Shhh, the show's about to start. I hear they found a last minute replacement.
Ruby: What show? Last minute replacement?
(The lights dim down causing Ruby to quickly find a table. After Mickey introduces the show and scrams off the stage, the caballeros find their own seats. Professor Owl starts conducting the orchestra, and the show begins. As soon as the overture is done, the curtain rises to a rural yet subtly colored background of a farm in Kansas. Three farmhands (Br'er Rabbit, Princess Aurora, and Oogie Boogie) are busily working on the fence while Aunt Em (Minnie Mouse) and Uncle Henry (Mickey Mouse) are tending the baby chickens. We soon spot Dorothy Gale (Princess Sapphire) just bursting through the auditorium door with Toto (Sultan) at her feet.)
Dorothy: *stops near Cinderella's table to catch her breath.* Phew. *to Sultan.* She's not coming after us, is she? *as Sultan turns to look back with her.* Good, she isn't. She tried to hurt you. *scoops him up.* Come on, we'll go tell Uncle Henry and Aunt Em about it. *runs past Ruby who spits out her milkshake in surprise. She climbs up the stage stairs. As the scene continues, Iago looks at Ruby in a funny way.*
Ruby: *as the scene continues.* (trying to be quiet but still surprised) That's my sister!
(The show continues smoothly especially the first song, the part where Miss Gulch (The Queen of Hearts) threatens to kill Toto and Toto escapes, and the part where Dorothy and Toto meet Professor Marvel (Professor Ludwig Von Drake). The tornado sequence dazzles all, and the scenery of Munckinland surprises Dorothy. All the Munchkins (led by Zack and Jack Jr, with The Mayor played by J. Thaddeus Toad, and the Coroner played by Goofy) and Glinda (Snow White) had just met Dorothy and her dog when suddenly red smoke surrounds the village. When the smoke clears, Dorothy is surprised to see a green-skinned witch all in black (The Queen of Hearts).)
Dorothy: I thought...
Glinda: That was her sister, the wicked witch of the east. That's the wicked witch of the west.
Dorothy: Is she worse than the other one was? *Glinda nods her head yes.*
Wicked Witch: Who killed my sister, the WITCH OF THE EAST?!?! *glares at Dorothy.* Was it you?
Dorothy: Not really. It was an accident, I-I-I didn't mean to.
Wicked Witch: Well, my pretty. I can cause accidents too.
Glinda: Yoohoo! Aren't you forgetting the ruby slippers?
Wicked Witch: Of course! The slippers! *goes over to the house, reaching for the ruby slippers only for them to suddenly disappear.* What the--they're gone. The ruby slippers. *Turns to Glinda, glaring at her.* YOU GIVE THEM BACK OR--
Glinda: Too late. *points them out on Dorothy's feet.* There they are, and there they shall stay.
Dorothy: *surprised gasp.* *looking down at her feet.* Wha---how did they? *aside to Glinda.* Should I take them off?
Wicked Witch: *to Dorothy.* Hand over the ruby slippers! I alone have the power to use them! They're of no use to you. Give them back to me! I mean it!
Glinda: *aside to Dorothy.* Don't take them off. Make sure your feet are tightly inside them. Their magic is very powerful or she wouldn't want them so badly.
(The Wicked Witch then warns Dorothy to stay away from her with the classic words, "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!" before leaving in red smoke. Glinda then disappears in her bubble after she says to Dorothy, "Just follow the yellow brick road, and you'll find what you seek!" and telling her about the Wizard and such. All the Munchkins wave goodbye to her as her bubble disappears over the audience.)
Dorothy: *watching the bubble fade away.* My, people come and go so quickly around here. *The Munchkins giggle in agreement.* *looks down at her ruby slipper wearing feet.* Follow the yellow brick road...*she and Toto move down the path for a small moment before stopping.* Follow the yellow brick road?
Goofy: *after Dorothy and Toto go over to him.* Follow the yellow brick road...
J. Thaddeus Toad: *tipping his hat to Dorothy when she and Toto come to him.* Follow the yellow brick road.
Zack+Jack Jr.: *come over to them.* Follow the yellow brick road!
All girls (except Dorothy): Follow the yellow brick road!
All Munchkins: Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road. *Dorothy replies, "All right. Come on, Toto." and Toto hops into her basket. As the two of them start off.* Follow the yellow brick, follow the yellow brick, follow the yellow brick road. *The key modulates to Ab major courtesy of J. Thaddeus Toad playing his fiddle.* You're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ. You'll find he is a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was. If ever oh ever a wiz there was, the Wizard of OZ is one because because because because because because....Because of the wonderful things he does.
Dorothy: *turns to the Munchkins.* *waving goodbye.* Adiós.
All Munchkins: *waving goodbye as Dorothy leaves through the audience.* You're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OZ.
(As Dorothy travels, she and Toto come across a crossroads, and beside it a cornfield. Ruby is a little confused as to what to do.  She wants to get her sister back down there, but she hears people saying the original actress was out sick. So, she says nothing at first.)
Dorothy: *looking in both directions.* Now let's see, which way do we go?
???: Pardon me, ma'am. That way's a very nice way. *Dorothy turns to see a Scarecrow (Br'er Rabbit) pointing towards the audience.*
Dorothy: Who said that? *Toto eyes the Scarecrow suspiciously and starts barking at it.* Toto, you're being nonsensical. Scarecrows don't talk.
Scarecrow: *pointing the other way.* It's pleasant down that way too.
Dorothy: *about to go.* Thanks, I--*notices...* Hey, I thought he was pointing the other way.
Scarecrow: *pointing in both directions.* Of course people do go both ways.
Dorothy: *goes over to him with Toto by her side.* Hey, you said something, didn't you? *The scarecrow shakes his head and then nods.* Are you doing this on purpose? Or can't you make up your mind?
Scarecrow: That's th' trouble, ma'am. I can't make up my mind. I don't have one; only straw!
Dorothy: *crossing her arms.* How can you talk if you don't have a brain?
Scarecrow: I don't know. But some people without brains do an awful lot of talkin'.
Dorothy: Fair enough. *climbs over the fence to him.* Well, we certainly haven't properly met have we? *extends her hand to him.* I'm Dorothy Gale.
Scarecrow: *shaking her hand.* Name's Andrew. How do you do?
Dorothy: ¿Cómo está usted? (How are you?--formal)
Both: Very well, thank you.
Andrew: Sadly, I'm not well. *Dorothy looks at him sympathetically.* See, it's very tedious ta have a pole stuck up your back all day. An' ta top it off, I can't get down.
Dorothy: Maybe I can help. *goes behind him.* It must be uncomfortable to be up there like that.
Andrew: *as Dorothy climbs up a bit to reach.* No kiddin'. Listen, it's very kind of ya ta help me out.
Dorothy: *struggling a bit to lift him off of the pole.* Think nothing of it. Hmmm...I don't know if--
Andrew: Well, I'm not too bright about doin' things, but if ya bend th' nail in th' back down a bit, maybe I'll slip off.
Dorothy: *spots the nail.* I see it. *bending it.* Here we go! *The Scarecrow slips and tumbles straight onto the ground causing Dorothy to stumble back in surprise.*
Andrew: Whoops, there goes some of me again.
Dorothy: *coming down to him.* Are you hurt?
Andrew: Me? Nah, I just pick it up an' put it back into me agin. *Dorothy hands him the straw.* Thanks. *puts it back into him, and Dorothy helps him back up.* *stretching himself.* Man, it's good ta be free! *jumps and spins about, causing Dorothy to applaud but when he lands square on his bum, she lets out a scream of concern and runs over to him near the gate.* Did I scare ya?
Dorothy: *as Toto trots over to them.* No, I was worried you'd hurt yourself. I wasn't scared.
Andrew: Aw, I didn't think so. *Just then they hear five "caw caw caw"s.* Oh no, here come them pesky crows again! *stands up, waving his arms about him as he moves.* Shoo, skedaddle, am-scray, get outta here! *sigh* Ya see, I can't scare anybody, not even a crow!
Jim Crow: *flies down.* Caw caw! *tipping his hat to Dorothy.* Howdy neighbor! *The fat crow and the preacher crow do a mock spooky "ooooooh" as a failed attempt to scare them.*
Straw Hat Crow+Glasses Crow: Oh hi, Scarecrow. Hello there, ma'am.
Andrew: They come from miles around just ta eat in my fields an' laugh in my face. *Two of the crows laugh but Dorothy looks at them as if to say, "Stop it or I'll pluck your feathers!"* *sigh* I'm a failure 'cause I don't have a brain.
All 5 crows: *leading a softshoe dance routine as a G major scale plays.* Said a scarecrow swinging on a pole, to some blackbirds sittin' on a fence--
Andrew: "Oh th' lords gave me a soul, but forgot ta give me common sense." Said the blackbirds--
All 5 crows: "Well, well, well. What in thunder would you do with common sense?" Said the scarecrow,--
Andrew: "T'would be pleasin' just ta reason out th' reason of th' whichness and th' whyness and th' whence." If I had an ounce of common sense...
Dorothy: Aw shucks!
All 5 crows: If he had an ounce of common sense.
Dorothy: What would you do, Andrew?
Andrew: Do, why I could....*as the crows start to go into the dance.* I could wile away th' hours, conferring with th' flowers, consultin' with th' rain. *Jim Crow whistles a bit.* An' my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin' if I only had a brain. *he stands up only to end up rolling into the crows. Dorothy helps him up.* I'd unravel every riddle, for any individle, in trouble or in pain.
Dorothy: *as the crows dance over to her.* With the thoughts you'd be thinkin, you could be another Lincoln if you only had a brain.
Andrew: *as Dorothy dances with the crows who go "Ah, ah,..ah, ah,..ah, ah,..ah ah wa ooh" while Toto sways to the beat.* Oh, I could tell you why th' ocean's near the shore. I could think of things I'd never thunk before. An' then I'd sit....*plops down.* an' think some more.
All 5 crows: Caw caw!
Andrew: I would not be just a nothin', my head all full of stuffin. My heart all full of pain. *Dorothy lets out a whistle.* I would dance an' be merry. Life would be a ding a derry if I only had a brain. *offers his hand to Dorothy. She accepts and the two of them go into a softshoe routine, though the Scarecrow ends up falling for some of it.*
Dorothy: *as the crows sing, "Ah, ah,..ah, ah,..ah, ah,..ah ah wa ooh" again.* Oh you could tell me why the ocean's near the shore. You could think of things you'd never thunk before. And then you'd sit and think some more.
Andrew: That's right. Gosh it would be awful pleasin' ta reason out th' reason fer things I can't explain. *kneels before Dorothy as if to propose.* Then perhaps I'd deserve ya an' be even worthy erve ya if I only had a brain. *the crows then settle on the fence as they and Andrew bow to applause from Dorothy and the audience.*
Dorothy: That was wonderful, Andrew. Why if our scarecrow back in Kansas could do that, the crows would be scared to pieces.
All 5 crows: *offended.* Caaaw! *turning away.* Humph! Well, I never!
Dorothy: No offense to you five, you're great too.
Andrew: *after the crows accept Dorothy's apology.* They would? *Dorothy nods yes.* Where's Kansas?
Dorothy: It's where I live. And I wanna go back there so badly that I'm going to see the Wizard.
Andrew: Really? you think if I went with ya th' Wizard could give me some brains?
Dorothy: I don't know. But even if he didn't you'd be far better off than you are now. *Andrew shrugs, "Valid point."* I'm not sure if I should let you come along. I've got a witch mad at me and I don't want to get you in trouble.
Andrew: A witch? Pfft, I'm not afraid of her. Or anythin' for th' matter. *aside to Dorothy.* Except a lighted match. But I'd face a whole box of 'em ta get brains. Look, Dorothy, I won't be any trouble because I don't eat a thing. An' I don't know how to manage things so I can't think. So...won't ya take me with ya?
Dorothy: *looks at Andrew and then smiles.* Why, of course I will.
All 5 crows and Andrew: Hooray! *Andrew jumps into the air, only to fall down again.* I'm/He's gonna get a brain!
Dorothy: *helps him up.* You seem to be off to a good start.
Andrew: I'll get better, really.
Dorothy: *placing her arm in his.* Shall we?
Andrew: We shall.
Dorothy+Andrew: *singing in C major.* We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ. We hear he is a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was. If ever oh ever a wiz there was, the Wizard of OZ is one because because because because because because....Because of the wonderful things he does. We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OZ.
Jim Crow: *as he and the other crows see them off.* Goodbye, little lady.
Straw Hat Crow: Farewell, little dog.
Preacher Crow: Toodle-oo, Scarecrow.
Glasses Crow: I'm gonna miss that old hay bag.
Fat Crow: Eh, we never cared for him.
Glasses Crow+Preacher Crow: How's that?
Straw Hat Crow+Fat Crow: Too much of a stuffed shirt. *all of the crows nod in agreement.*
Jim Crow: Down off that pole he's not nearly so stuck up.
All 5 crows: Caw caw caw! *they all dance off the stage to the last stanza of the song giving the audience time to applaud. Ruby had to smile.*
(We then head into the forest where while Andrew the Scarecrow distracts the moving trees to get apples, Dorothy stumbles upon a woman made out of tin (Princess Aurora). Seeing her distress, Dorothy eyes an oil can on a nearby tree stump, and picks it up, and oils one side of the mouth. Andrew returns with Dorothy's basket full of apples and Toto at his side. Noticing what she's doing, he oils the other side when she hands the can to him.)
Tin Woman: Oh, my goodness. I can speak again. Who are you two?
Andrew: Andrew.
Dorothy: Dorothy Gale. *points out Toto.* And that's Toto.
Tin Woman: Well, thank you Dorothy, Andrew, and Toto. My name's Danielle.
Dorothy: *as she and Andrew oil Danielle's joints.* Pleased to meet you, Danielle. Now, how did you end up like this?
Danielle: *as she moves her joints slowly, she points out a tree with a dent in it.* Well, I was chopping a tree over there when it began to rain. I tried to go, but too late. I got rusted and was standing here ever since.
Andrew: Ya certainly look like someone made ya purty darn perfectly.
Danielle: Perfect? Bang on my chest if you think that. *Andrew and Dorothy look at her.* Go ahead. *Dorothy and Andrew do so. An echo is heard.*
Andrew: Beautiful. What an echo!
Danielle: Yes, and that's the problem. *sad sigh.* It's empty. The tinsmith fixed my body with tin parts when my original parts were chopped off by the witch of the east's enchantment on my axe. Unfortunately, she forgot to give me a heart.
Andrew+Dorothy: No heart?
Danielle: Afraid so. I'm all hollow. *singing in F major.* When a girl's an empty kettle, she should be on her mettle and yet I'm torn apart. Just because I'm presumin' that I could be kinda human if I only had a heart. *forelorn sigh as she sits near a pear tree.* I'd be tender, I'd be gentle and awful sentimental regarding love and art. I'd be friends with the sparrows, and the boy who shoots the arrows if I only had a heart. *as NiGHTS leads the birds down to her and the birds land on her shoulders, hat-covered head, axe, and nose.* Picture me, a balcony. Above a voice sings low,--"Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" I hear a beat. *bang bang bang bang* How sweet. Just to register emotion, jealousy, devotion, and really feel the part. I could stay young and chipper. And I'd lock it with a zipper if I only had a heart. *The birds fly off of her, and NiGHTS flies down to her from the tree and dances with her. Dorothy and Andrew can't help but watch her dance, though they had to help oil her joints here and there before she really got into the dance.* Oh I may be presumin' that I could be kinda human if I only had a heart! *She then plops down on the stump and Andrew leads everyone into applause.*
Dorothy: You guys are the best friends ever. And it's funny...I feel like I know you both from somewhere.
Andrew: Well we know each other now.
Danielle: That's all that matters.
Dorothy: You're right. *stands up, extending her hand to Danielle.* Come with us, Danielle.
Danielle: Really? Me? *Toto barks approval.*
Andrew: Sure. If th' wizard can get me a brain, I'm sure he'd give ya a heart.
Danielle: Okay. *takes Dorothy's hand and stands up.* I will.
Dorothy: Thank you. We've come such a long way, and yet it feels so great to--*an evil laugh is heard. the little group turns to see the wicked witch standing on Jafar's table.*
Wicked Witch: You call that long? HA! You've just started. *to Andrew and Danielle.* Helping the little lady out, are we? Well, stay away from her, *pointing to Andrew.* or I'll stuff a mattress with you. *to Danielle.* And as for you, I'll use you for a beehive. So Scarecrow, do you play ball?
(She then conjures up a fireball, and throws it towards Andrew. Dorothy grabs a pitcher of water from nearby and tosses it onto the fireball, extinguishing it.)
Wicked Witch: WHY YOU--*makes to slap Dorothy but stops to think.* Hmmm....I'll see you 3 a little later. *disappears.*
Andrew: We ain't afraid of her. Don't worry, I'll see that we all reach th' Wizard whether I get a brain or not.
Danielle: And whether I get a heart or not.
Andrew+Danielle: Beehive?/Stuff a mattress with me? PAH! Let her try!
Dorothy: I think we'd best be going.
Andrew+Danielle: *after Dorothy places the oil can in her basket.* To OZ?
Dorothy: *places her arms in theirs.* To OZ!
All 3: *singing in G major.* We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ. We hear he is a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was. If ever oh ever a wiz there was, the Wizard of OZ is one because because because because because because....Because of the wonderful things he does. We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OZ.
(The group of three huddles close together as the forest suddenly gets darker. Thanks to Danielle the Tin Woman, they worry about lions, tigers, and bears coming to get them. Just then, they heard a loud growl. Dorothy quickly hides behind Ruby and the caballeros' table as a great big Lion (Oogie Boogie) appears in front of all.)
Lion: Grrrrrr! Put 'em up! Put 'em up! Which one of you wants to go first? I'll take you both together if you want. I'll fight ya with one paw tied behind my back! I'll fight ya standin' on one foot, or with my eyes closed! *scaring Andrew into hiding near the Seven Dwarfs' table.* Sneaking up on me, eh? *to Dorothy.* Scared, huh? Afraid, huh? *turns to Danielle.* HEY YOU! *Danielle cowers behind the table of Ariel and her sisters.* How long can you stay fresh in that can? *laughs at his own joke.* Come on, get up and fight, ya shivering junkyard! *Danielle shakes her head no. He turns to Andrew.* Put your hands up, you lopsided bag of hay!
Andrew: Let's not get personal, Mr. Lion. We'd only be an appetizer.
Toto: *comes out from near Dorothy and starts barking at the Lion.*
Dorothy: Toto, no! Don't you dare!
Lion: *noticing Toto barking fiercely at him.* I'll get you anyway, pee-wee.
Dorothy: Not if I can help it. *slaps the Lion across his face, only for the Lion to let out a cry of fright and shame. Dorothy looks surprised but recovers.* Shame on you.
Lion: *blubbering like a baby.* What'd ya do that for? I didn't bite him!
Dorothy: No, but you tried to. *scoops up Toto.* It's bad enough to pick on a strong man or skeleton. But when you go around picking on someone smaller than you, it's not right.
Lion: *weepily.* Well, you didn't have to go and hurt me. Is my nose bleeding?
Dorothy: *notices he's upset.* No, of course not. I'm sorry I hit you. I didn't want Toto to get hurt. *notices the fuss he's making.* What a fuss you're making. thou full of cowardice?
Lion: Right on the mark, kid. I am a coward. I ain't got no courage at all. In fact, I scare myself. *pointing out circles under his eyes.* Look at the circles under my eyes, I haven't slept in weeks.
Danielle: *cautiously coming out of her hiding place with Andrew.* Did you try counting sheep?
Lion: That doesn't work. I'm afraid of them. *begins crying again.*
Danielle: Hey, maybe the Wizard can help him too.
Dorothy: Yes, Danielle. I don't see why not. *sets Toto down and walks over to the crying lion. She hands him a handkerchief.* Lion, I'm Dorothy Gale. And you've already met Toto. And these are my friends Danielle and Andrew. We're on our way to see the Wizard to get me and Toto home--
Andrew: *pointing out Danielle.* --her a heart--
Danielle: *pointing out Andrew.* --and him a brain.
Dorothy: *as Lion blows his nose and dries his tears.* I'm sure he can give you some courage.
Lion: *sniff.* You mean you're not offended to be seen in the company of Nathan, a cowardly lion? *the three shake their heads no.* I would. Said a lion, poor neurotic lion, to a miss who'd listen to him rave. "Oh the lords made me a lion. But, the lords forgot to make me brave."
Dorothy+Danielle: Then his tail began to curl and wave.
Nathan: *singing in Eb major.* believe me, missy when you're born to be a sissy without the vim and verve. But I could change my habits, never more be scared of rabbits if I only had the nerve. I'm afraid there's no denyin'. I'm just a dandelion, a fate I don't deserve. But I could show my prowess. Be a lion, not a mouse, if I only had the nerve. Oh I'd be in my stride, a king down to the core. I could roar the way I never roared before. And then I'd rrrrrrowf and roar some more. I would show the dinosaurus who's king around this forest, a king they'd better serve. Why with my regal beezer I could be another Caesar if I only had the nerve. I'd be brave as a blizzard--
Danielle: --I'd be gentle as a lizard--
Andrew: --I'd be clever as a gizard--
Dorothy: --if the Wizard is a Wizard who will serve....
Andrew: Then I'm sure ta get a brain--
Danielle: A heart--
Dorothy: A home--
Nathan: The nerve.
(After one last, "We're off to see the Wizard", the little group of four heads off, only to later get in trouble with some poppies that have been influenced by the Wicked Witch's magic. Soon, thanks to Glinda's magic, they're freed, and they reach the gate. Dorothy reaches out to ring the bell only to notice a sign. The sign says--)
Dorothy: "Bell out of order. Please knock." *she knocks on the gate. The circle window opens to reveal a guard (Philotetes).*
Phil: Hey, who knocked?
All 4: We did. We read the sign.
(Dorothy shows her ruby slippers as proof that they want to see the Wizard and Glinda sent her. The guard happily lets her in, in fact he even shows them to places to help them get ready for the Wizard. Through the song and dance of "The Merry Old Land of OZ" everyone is all jolly and has song and dance. At the end, we see Dorothy's hair has been let down, Nathan has a curled mane, Danielle is shinier, and Andrew has lots of new straw. We then fast forward to the group seeing the Wizard, who didn't scare Dorothy one whip, but poor Nathan. The Wizard orders, "Bring me the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West, and I'll consider your request." The little group has no choice but to head to the West. The curtain falls as they plan to try to get the broomstick.)
Ruby: I really should get my sister down there. *stands up to go and get her sister when--*
Hades: I like that last minute replacement. Who is she?
White Rabbit: I don't know. An experienced actress or something?
Alice: *sniffle.* Well, she's certainly giving her spin on the classic character. *sneeze.*
White Rabbit: Bless you, Alice. *Alice thanks him.*

Scene 4-NYC, House of Mouse, backstage, later onstage
(As Clarabelle dishes out the latest gossip, Sapphire peeks out from behind the curtain. Seeing the caballeros, particularly José, she lets out a lovestruck sigh. Aurora notices and smiles.)
Aurora: You like The Three Caballeros?
Sapphire: Huh? *turns to Aurora.* Oh, hi there. Well, um, yes. But there's one in particular that I--you know.
Aurora: I know what you mean. *pointing out José.* Is that him? *Sapphire nods her head yes.* Listen, the show is going great so far. You really saved the day.
Sapphire: It was unintentional but I'm glad I could help, Aurora.
Zack: *popping up beside the two girls.* Who are you guys talking about? *notices the Three Caballeros out in the audience.* Oh, them. *sees Sapphire with a lovestruck look on her face.* Oh, big bro. I heard Sapphire likes one of them.
Sapphire: Wha--? *snaps out of her revelry.* HEY, ZACK! NO!
Jack Jr.: *appearing on Aurora's shoulder.* Is that so?
Sapphire: No, wait. It's not what you think!
Zack and Jack Jr.: *in singsong.* Sapphire likes José.
Sapphire: S-shut up you little--
Horace Horsecollar: Intermission over in five minutes. Places everybody!
Sapphire: *turns to the little skelington twins and Aurora.* Don't tell him I like him. Boys are icky!
Zack: But you're talking to me and big bro.
Aurora: I think she means that she's not quite ready to look for a relationship. *Sapphire nodded, a smile on her face.*
Zack: So you like talking to guys as friends?
Sapphire: Of course.
(A scream in the audience is heard. Turning to the sound, Sapphire and Aurora try hard not to laugh. Then they close the curtain as Horace Horsecollar comes over.)
Horace Horsecollar: What's so funny, you two? *Zack and Jack Jr. toddle over and peek out the curtain too. Zack falls over backwards, holding his sides laughing.*
Zack: *laughing.* Oh man, I can't breathe!
Jack Jr. *chuckle.* That pattern suits Mortimer Mouse. Now he looks like a Christmas present.
Sapphire: (giggle) A properly wrapped one.
Aurora: Someone tied his big mouth shut. Now the girls and I can finally not listen to him being a total sleaze.
Horace Horsecollar: Oh my goodness. Minnie, come quick!
(Minnie comes over, and tries hard not to laugh as well. Aurora, the twins, and Sapphire quickly get to their places. The curtain rises on a forest near the Wicked Witch of the West's castle and a signpost. The little group of four enters holding items; Dorothy holding grenades and pepper spray in her basket, with Toto at her feet, Andrew holding a pistol, Danielle holding her axe carefully, and Nathan holding a net and a wooden stake. The four notice the signpost.)
Nathan: "Wicked Witch of the West's Castle; I'd turn back if I were you." *makes to do so only to be grabbed by the tail by Toto.*
Dorothy: Good boy, Toto.
(Little do they know, that the Wicked Witch watches them from her crystal ball.)
Wicked Witch: Oho, think they can take me on can they? Well, I sent a bug to tire them out. *to her winged monkeys.* Go on when the bug is finished with them. And do what you want with the scarecrow, lion, and tin woman. But don't hurt the girl, I want those ruby slippers most of all. *as the winged monkeys fly off.* Now fly, FLY! FLY MY PRETTIES, FLY FLY!
(Meanwhile the gang hears a buzzing noise.)
Nathan: YOW! *all turn to him. He looks around.* What's that? What's that? Something just bit me.
Dorothy: OH! Something bit me too! *Toto lets out a yelp as something bit him too.*
Danielle: Come on, you guys are acting silly! D'OH!
Andrew: Quit monkeying arou--OW!
(The gang starts feeling dizzy, and see a great big jitterbug (played by the Aracuan) lead them into the song and dance of "The Jitterbug". They're nearly exhausted by the end of the song. Dorothy spots the winged monkeys flying down towards the group and tries to run off. The others quickly set to work on them only to be overwhelmed. Some of the winged monkeys chase after Dorothy and Toto through the audience. Pretty soon, she's cornered back on the stage. Dorothy uses the grenades, tossing them to keep the winged monkeys away from her. And she also uses the pepper spray to get some of them. Dorothy fights them off until she's scooped up into the air by two of them who come behind her and Toto. Dorothy and Toto are then carried away to the Witch's castle. Danielle and Nathan recover too late, and watch as Dorothy and Toto are carried away. Then they turn to a ripped apart Andrew.)
Andrew: Oh noes. They took my legs an' threw 'em over there; then they took my chest out an' threw it over there!
Danielle: Oh, in short they threw you everywhere!
Nathan: Come on. Let's get him back together.
(While they get Andrew back together, Dorothy is at the mercy of the witch. While Toto sneaks off to get Dorothy's friends, Dorothy challenges the witch to take the shoes only for the witch to get shocked when she tries to. In her fury, she calms herself and marches over to a small table with an hourglass, the top of it being empty.)
Wicked Witch: *holding the hourglass.* You see this, kid? When I flip this over, it'll be the only time you'll have left to live. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THOSE SHOES! I'll be back to claim what's mine.*flips over the hourglass so the red sand starts to fall. Then she slams the door.*
(Dorothy walks about the room, pondering a plan to get out. She tries to climb out the window (the same way Toto had gone), but it's too high so she reluctantly climbs back in. She tries other methods, until at last, she bursts into tears, muttering "I'm frightened Aunt Em. I'm frightened." Meanwhile, outside the castle, Dorothy's friends and Toto sneak in disguised as Winkie soldiers with some quick thinking from Andrew. Dorothy hears footsteps and gives one final try; barging through the door! It doesn't work at first as it's bolted tight. But after a good running start, Dorothy bursts through the door just as the hourglass runs out.)
Dorothy: I'm free. Now I can--*sees her friends looking for her.* Psst, over here.
Andrew: Dorothy. *Toto barks in delight.*
Nathan: Come on, let's get out of here.
Danielle+Dorothy: But we've gotta get the broom.
Wicked Witch: *appearing above them.* Leaving so soon? *the four of them look up in surprise.* My little party's just beginning.
(She tosses the hourglass onto the ground to commence the chase. Luckily, our heroes get a head start courtesy of Danielle and Andrew chopping the rope of a chandelier in half causing it to drop on the guards. They all give chase, and soon end up in the woods again. The group is then surrounded by Winkie guards, and the Wicked Witch bursts through them with delight.)
Wicked Witch: Well, well, well. Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of spears! *to Dorothy.* Thought you were pretty foxy, didn't you? Well, the last to go will see the first three to burn, and your mutt as well!
Horace: *gasp.* (from backstage) Oh no. I forgot the bucket! *he suddenly notices Sapphire magic up one filled with water as the Wicked Witch said her lines.* Phew.
Wicked Witch: *turns to Andrew.* How about a little fire, Scarecrow? *starts shooting fireballs at Andrew. Andrew in fright keeps dodging each one, pleading for his life.* What's the matter? Don't you want to be my old flame?
Dorothy: You leave him alone, you old hag! Can't you see he's terrified? *The Witch ignores her. Dorothy picks up a nearby bucket filled with water.* I WON'T LET YOU HURT HIM!! *tosses water to douse the fire, but it also hits--*
King of Hearts: *aside to Ruby.* Here it comes. The iconic "I'm melting" bit.
Wicked Witch: *her powers diminishing as she literally starts to melt away to the group's surprise.* AAAAAAH, YOU CURSED BRAT! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!!! I'M MELTING, MELTING! OH WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL! WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT A GOOD LITTLE GIRL LIKE YOU COULD DESTROY MY BEAUTIFUL WICKEDNESS!! OH LOOK OUT! LOOK OUT! I'M GOING! *as her scream of defeat fades away into nothing, she has melted away. All that is left are her broom, her hat, and her cape.*
Winkie Captain (Jumbaa): *pokes the cloak to make sure as Stitch and Toto look at it too.* dead. *turns to Dorothy.* You have killed her.
Dorothy: I-I-I didn't mean to. It's just that she was hurting Andrew, and--
Winkie Captain: *twirls his staff spear in the air and places it on the ground.* Hail to Dorothy! The Wicked Witch is dead!
All Winkie Guards: *bow to Dorothy and her friends.* HAIL, HAIL TO DOROTHY! THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!!
Dorothy: The broom! May we have it?
Winkie Guard (Lilo): Of course. *She and Stitch hand it to her.* Keep it and give our compliments to the Wizard.
Dorothy: Thank you so much.
Danielle: Come on, we'd better--
Winged Guards (Pain and Panic): Allow us to escort you 4.
Winkie Captain: You help us. We help you. *ahem.* Present arms! *All guards do so.* Forward march! To the Emerald City! *singing in F major as all go to the Emerald City.* Hail, hail, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch! Hail, hail, the wicked witch is dead! Ding dong, the witch is dead! The wicked witch, she met her match!
Danielle+Andrew+Nathan: *pointing out the blushing Dorothy.* Ding dong, she liquidated her!
All: She's gone where the goblins go below. Below, below, yo-ho. Let's open and up and sing. And ring the bells out, "Ding dong, the merry oh". Sing it high, sing it low. Let them know the wicked witch is dead!
Dorothy: *blush and smiles.* She's gone where the goblins go below. Below, below, yo-ho. Let's open and up and sing. And ring the bells out--
Winkie Captain: Ring the bells out!
All: Let them know the wicked witch is dead!
(We return to the Emerald City to surprised and joyous citizens who also join in the song and dance of celebration of the defeat of the Witch of the West. They all dance straight into the Wizard's chamber, and all the citizens back away from the Wizard and return to outside. The audience applauds when the song ends, and Dorothy steps forward to him.)
Wizard: I can't believe it! You've come back!
Dorothy: *placing the bucket and broom down at the steps of his throne.* We've brought you what you desired, the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West!
Wizard: And the bucket?
Nathan: *stepping forward.* The murder weapon.
Danielle: *pointing out Dorothy.* This little lady melted her.
Andrew: Unintentionally because she was trying ta save me from being burnt. But nonetheless, she melted th' Witch.
Wizard: You liquidated her, eh? *Dorothy nods her head yes.* Well...I need to consider the matter. Come back tomorrow.
Dorothy: What? Tomorrow? ...BUT I WANNA GO HOME NOW! *stomps her foot down on the stairs.* WE'VE GOTTEN THIS FAR! AT LEAST CONSIDER!
(Dorothy and the Wizard then start to go into an arguing and shouting match. Toto sneaks over and pulls away a nearby green curtain revealing--)
Ludwig Von Drake: The great and powerful Oz has spoken! *he doesn't notice anyone looking at him.* Pay no attention to the man at the mic. The great--*he sees Dorothy tapping her feet with her arms crossed, and everyone else having their arms crossed too.* *sigh* I'm busted!
Nathan: What was your first clue?
Dorothy: Who in the name of Judy Garland are you?
Ludwig Von Drake: *sigh* My dear, I am the great and powerful Wizard of OZ.
Dorothy: Which one? Walt Disney? There's so many Wizards of OZ. *she and her friends laugh at the joke she made.*
Ludwig Von Drake: No. Joel, I will have you know. *sigh* I'm a humbug. I'm sorry for deceiving you four. *dismisses the Winkie Guards who go to wait outside after Dorothy thanks them.*
(Andrew, Danielle, Nathan, and Dorothy then tell the Wizard what they desire. The Wizard then says they had them with them all along, but he rewards them because of the effort; For Andrew--a diploma, Danielle--a heart, and a blushing Nathan--a badge ("Shucks folks, I'm speechless." replies Nathan.). Sadly, he doesn't have anything to help Dorothy get home to Kansas with Toto. Just then, a familiar pink bubble appears.)
Joel: Look! Someone who can help you!
Andrew: Clear th' way!
Danielle: She's gonna land.
(They all move away and the bubble fades revealing Glinda, who tells Dorothy that she had the power to go home all along, she just had to find out on her own. She then points to the ruby slippers on Dorothy's feet, and tells her, "Close your eyes, knock your heels together three times, and think to yourself about home.")
Dorothy: *after hugging her friends goodbye, having Toto say goodbye to them, and calling out farewell to the Winkie Guards.* *closes her eyes. While clicking her heels once, twice, thrice.* There's no place like home! 1. There's no place like home! 2. There's no place like home. 3.
(At those words, Dorothy and Toto are seen spinning into the air, high above the audience and into the clouds. They soon land...but where? Dorothy is now seen asleep murmuring, "There's no place like home..." until she hears--)
Aunt Em: *softly.* Wake up, dear.
Uncle Henry: *softly.* Please, Dorothy.
Dorothy: *slowly opens her eyes, and finds herself in bed.* Wha-what happened? *sits up and sees Hunk, Marvel, Hickory, and Zeke at the window.*
Hunk (Br'er Rabbit): Good ta see ya awake, Dorothy.
Marvel (Professor Von Drake): I heard you were in a coma, so I thought I'd drop by and see how you're doing. And I can see that you're awake.
Hickory (Aurora): I hope you're feeling better.
Zeke (Oogie Boogie): You had us all worried, little lady.
Dorothy: Hello there, Andrew. Danielle. Joel the Wizard. Nathan.
Hunk: What?
Hickory: Danielle?
Zeke: Nathan?
Marvel: Me, a wizard?
Uncle Henry: Are you all right, Dorothy? You sound like you had a weird dream.
Dorothy: But it wasn't a dream, it was real. Toto was here with me. And Miss Gulch was in it. *pointing to Zeke, Marvel, Hickory, and Hunk.* And you four were there too.
Aunt Em: Don't strain yourself. You've had a huge bump on your head and wouldn't wake up from it for days. We were all worried. *Uncle Henry nods in sympathetic agreement.*
Dorothy: It all felt so real. I remember that some of it was pretty strange, and some of it was so beautiful. But I loved every minute of it! All I kept desiring was to go home and...*trails off.*
Uncle Henry: *placing a hand on her shoulder.* And you are home. They sent you home.
Zeke+Hickory+Marvel+Hunk: And don't you worry, Dorothy. We believe in you.
Dorothy: Wait a minute. What about--
Aunt Em: Miss Gulch died in her sleep some days ago, so we won't have to kill Toto.
Dorothy: Oh thank heavens. And Toto, we're finally home. Home! This is my room, and you're all here! Why should I even leave when there's so many people I love right here? *climbs out of bed, revealing she still has the ruby slippers on her feet, and hugs everyone.* Aw, you guys! *sigh.* There's no place like home!
(The rest of the cast comes out to sing, "Over the Rainbow" with her after the curtain falls through applause and cheers. And as a final touch during curtain call, Sapphire casts a rainbow over the stage, surprising everyone.)

Scene 5-NYC, House of Mouse, in audience
(It's a little while after the show, Sapphire is sitting by herself, a bottle of water near her.)
Sapphire: Phew, I didn't think it'd be this easy, but I guess I'll thank my memorization for that.
Ruby: Finally, I thought that show would never finish! *Sapphire turns to her sister, who sits in the vacant seat with Donald standing beside it.* 
Donald: What were you thinking running off ahead of us like that?!
Sapphire: Not like I had a choice. It was an accident I was in the show, because Alice called in sick. And at least I found the place.
Alice: Excuse me. *sneeze. Ruby turns to Alice, José, and Panchito who had appeared to the three of them.* *to Sapphire.* I wanted to thank you. You saved the show.
Sapphire: Actually, this is my first. I was roped in it at the last second.
José: *after he and Panchito say goodbye to Alice who leaves to get rest.* I had no idea you could sing like that.
Panchito: A regular songbird.
Professor Owl: *landing on Sapphire's shoulder.* Isn't she? *to Sapphire.* I must admit you've certainly impressed everyone tonight, Princess Sapphire.
Donald: Princess?
Sapphire: What makes you think I'm royalty?
Professor Owl: First of all, your upbringing gave it away. And second, a common thing is most princesses have beautiful singing voices.
Panchito: Hmmm, Aurora mentioned something about a fellow princess backstage earlier before the show started.
Professor Owl: That was great musicality, but you need training so your voice could be truly great. With your permission, may I train you?
Sapphire: I'll take you up on that offer, Professor. Now if you'll excuse me...*tries to sneak away only for Ruby to grab her.*
Ruby: Oh no you don't sis.
Mickey: HEY! *goes over to them.* Thanks for keeping her here long enough. Everyone's dying to interview her.
Sapphire: What? *feigning a swoon.* Someone catch me. I feel faint.
Ruby: My sister's not doing any interviews or anything of the sort. She's going straight home! We still need to do our homework for school anyway.
Sapphire: YOU'RE NO FUN, BIG SIS! *pulls herself free.*
Ruby: What would happen if you got kidnapped, beaten up, or worse, found by our evil stepfather again?! *cries a bit and hugs her little sister.* I was so worried.
Sapphire: ...You're right. I'm sorry, Ruby. I was in such a hurry to get here on time for their show, I didn't think. Nor did I know I'd get roped into it.
José: She wasn't the only one worried about you.
Donald: We were worried you wouldn't know how to get around in here as it's your first time at the House of Mouse.
Sapphire: Funny, I thought I'd found the front door, but instead I ended up backstage. At least I found the place though.
Jose: Sim (yes), but just wait up next time you go to new places. The city is quite a big place to get lost in.
Sapphire: Ok, Uncle Joe. (smile)
Ruby: *sigh* She always listens to you, José. I never could understand why.
Zack and Jack Jr: *popping up on Panchito and Donald's shoulders.* (singsong) We do!
Jack: *calling to them.* BOYS!
Ruby: Um…worried sister moment aside… you did really well in that show. I didn't know you could sing like that, Sapph. *Sapphire blushes.* *to Mickey, pointing out the two skeleton kids.* Who are those two?
Mickey: Oh, that's Zack and his twin brother Jack Skelington Jr. The two of them can get quite mischievous sometimes, but they mean no harm.
Sally: *calling to them.* James! Zackary!
Zack and Jack Jr.: *as Jack Skelington and Sally come over to them.* Mommy! Daddy!
Sally: My goodness. You two shouldn't wander off like that. Your father and I were worried.
Jack: Your mother's right. *scoops Zack up.* Back to our booth with you two.
Zack and Jack Jr.: Sorry, mommy and daddy.
Donald: Reminds me of someone I know.
Jack: *notices the group.* Hello, everyone.
Ruby: A talking skeleton?
Sapphire: Just as crazy as seeing a talking potato sack.
Oogie: *from afar.* I heard that!
Jack Jr.: (giggle) Mr. Potato Sack.
Zack: I like her, Daddy. As a friend, mind you.
Oogie: *appearing beside the two princesses. To Sapphire.* I have to hand it to you, kid. You really saved the show. Not bad for someone they brought in at the last minute.
Sapphire: Actually, this is my first--
Oogie: What? Your first show in NYC? You're jokin'.
Sapphire: I wish I was.
Oogie: Coincidentally, it's Zack and Jack Jr.'s first show too. Too bad their sister got sick and couldn't come.
Zack: Yeah, that is sad. *Jack Jr. nods in agreement.*
Mickey: Oogie, you were wonderful as the Cowardly Lion. I had no idea you could wail like that.
Oogie: It's mandatory to moan and wail in frightful dreams. I figured I'd put it to good use.
Ruby: So, Oogie's your name, potato sack?
Oogie: *to Ruby.* That's Mr. Oogie Boogie to you.
Ruby: Eeek! *clings to Jack Skelington's pant leg.*
Sapphire: *giggle* My big sister's a scaredy-cat.
Ruby: Sis!
Panchito: Well, he's the Boogie Man, the monster under the bed, the shadow on the moon at night who fills our dreams with fright! *Oogie nods as if to say, "It's true and I'm proud of it."*
Ruby: I'm surprised you're NOT scared of him.
Sapphire: Pffft, I've seen scarier.
Zack: Like me? *makes a scary face at Sapphire only for her to laugh.* Darn it. I can't even scare this princess.
Jack: *chuckle.* You're just learning, son. *to Ruby.* I'm sorry if Oogie scared you. *pats Ruby's head*
Sapphire: *to Zack.* What gave it away? Maleficent guessed I'm royalty as well. And Professor Owl found the clue to it, figuring it out himself. *gasp* 3, 2--*covers her ears just in time to hear a scream.*
Dr. Finkelstein: *from afar.* All right, who rigged my chair so I'd get a pie in the face!??!
Donald: *calling over to him.* Give ya 3 guesses, doctor.
(Oogie gives the twins an "I'm not amused by this." look.)
Zack and Jack Jr.: It wasn't us. We were busy with the show. Someone must've had time during intermission to do it. *no one notices Sapphire trying to sneak away to get out of the costume, until--*
Dr. Finkelstein: *from afar.* YOUNG LADY!!!
Sapphire: Uh oh. *runs off.*
Dr. Finkelstein: Come back here! *wheels over his chair. He has a pie on his face.*
Jack: *trying not to laugh.* Pumpkin cream. It suits you, doctor.
Zack: Fink-fink.
Jack Jr.: You came too. YAY!!!
Dr. Finkelstein: Don't call me Fink-Fink, you two.
Ruby: (giggle) Fink-fink?
Dr. Finkelstein: Has she always been this mischievous?
Donald: Increasingly today.
Panchito: But she just recovered from a depression state sometime ago.
Dr. Finkelstein: What happened?
José: She already talked about it once. She doesn't want to talk about it again.
Ruby: José's right. You must forgive my sister. This is the happiest I've seen her in a long time, even if she gave me a scare by wandering off ahead of us.
Dr. Finkelstein: Actually I'd like to congratulate her as forgiveness.
Ruby: Congratulate her?
Dr. Finkelstein: The role of Dorothy Gale is one of many hard roles in theater. I thought it was going to be boring for her and the twins. The other villains who saw the show to support Oogie and her highness the Queen of Hearts were worried about the show too; but as I heard from Maleficent herself, she was impressed with your sister's take on the role. Far from the damsel in distress role.
Professor Owl: *tapping Ruby on the shoulder causing her to turn to him.* Indeed. We were floored by your sister's performance.
Sally: Wait. She said your name is Ruby? *Ruby nods her head yes.*
Jack: Oh, what a surprise!
Mickey: So those are the two girls staying with you guys? *The caballeros nod their heads yes.* Wow.
Donald: I knew Sapphire could sing, I sometimes hear her hum when she does homework. But I didn't know she'd be that good.
Jack: Maybe she should do more shows. I could ask the Mayor to--
Mickey: I think we should leave it for Sapphire to decide. *all nod in agreement.*
Ruby: Besides, it's just about time for an early supper anyway.
Oogie: Well then, I'd better get back to my table. I bet the other villains are just dying to get my autograph. *leaves.*
Jack: Come along, Zackary. James. It's high time we get supper too.
Sally: *scoops up Jack Jr.* Your father's right, you two.
Zack: Supper, super pepper-upper. Supper, super-duper suppertime.
Jack Jr.: But I wanna play with Sapphire some more.
Dr. Finkelstein: Hmmm...*a idea forms in his head.* Jack, why don't you and Sally leave the twins with Ruby and the caballeros?
Donald: Wha--oh no! I'm not babysitting them!
Dr. Finkelstein: Not you, Donald. I was thinking Ruby could. She's certainly responsible enough.
Sapphire: Responsible for what? *she comes back, back in the winter clothes she had come into the restaurant in.*
Ruby: Would you be willing to offer me something? We may be royalty, but we're not exactly living lavishly at the moment.
Donald: She's right.
Sapphire: And that's because we're in hiding from an evil. *to Jack and Sally.* Kissy-kissy!
Professor Owl: Your highness! *Sapphire and the Skelington twins giggle.*
Dr. Finkelstein: We can discuss payment depending on how well you do.
Ruby: It's a deal then, Doctor.
Dr. Finkelstein: *to Sapphire.* Back already, my dear?
Sapphire: Sorry about the pie.
Dr. Finkelstein: If you are, maybe you can help babysit the twins?
Zack and Jack Jr.: Yay, more spending time with Dorothy.
Sapphire: Silly twins. My name is Sapphire.

Scene 6-NYC, apartment, Sapphire's bedroom later living room
(It's late in the night. Sapphire is trying to sleep. She tosses and turns until finally, she wakes up sweating. Frightened, she climbs out of bed into the living room. She finds José Carioca, reading "The Great Gatsby" in the couch bed.)
Sapphire: Um, Uncle Joe?
José: *looking up from his book.* Sim, o que é isso? (Yes, what is it?) *looks to see Sapphire, standing there in the doorway. she's holding in her hand the purple blanket wrapped around her as a baby.* Oh it's you, Sapphire. Are you all right?
Sapphire: I...I had a bad dream.
José: Oh, well...why don't you come over here and sleep beside me? *Sapphire backs away a little, a little scared and shy.* Não se preocupe. (Don't worry.) I'm not going to hurt you. *This lets Sapphire calm down a bit and she cautiously walks over to the couch bed and lets herself get comfortable in it.*
José: Did you see your stepfather again?
Sapphire: *nods her head yes.* I don't want to talk about it. I'm just glad I escaped before he could hurt me.
José: *placing a reassuring hand on Sapphire's shoulder.* It was just a dream. It's all right now; he won't find you and Ruby here.
Sapphire: *turns to him.* You think so? *José nods his head yes and she gives him a hug.* (sleepily) Arigato gozaimasu.
José: There there now. Just go back to sleep. *he sees the little princess had fallen asleep, her arms now wrapped about one of the couch bed pillows. He places the bedsheets over her.* (in a low whisper) Boa noite. (Good night.)
(Sapphire smiles in her sleep and José returns back to reading...only to look up again when he sees Ruby trying to get ready for school.)
José: Ruby, aren't you forgetting something? Tomorrow's Saturday.
Ruby: Oh...oops. *a blush of embarrassment forms on her face.* I'd better go back to bed then. I'll need my energy for babysitting the twins tomorrow. And where's...*she looks over the couch bed and sees her sleeping sister.*'d she get here? She looks so peaceful.
José: She had a nightmare. I asked if she could sit with me until she fell asleep again.
Ruby: *sigh* I wish I could be there for her all the time.
José: You have your own life too, Ruby. Don't worry about your sister. She's safe and happy thanks to your efforts. *Ruby smiles.*
Ruby: Thanks, José. *She then leaves to rest up for tomorrow, where she'll babysit the Skelington twins with her sister.*

The next morning...
(Sapphire slowly opens her eyes, and sits up to stretch only to find herself face to face with--)
Zack: Good morning.
Sapphire: Oh, hi Zack. I'm guessing your big bro's with my sis.
Zack: Mmm hmm.
Sapphire: This will be fun today. *climbs out of the couch bed.* And um, remember during the night when Mickey and your dad asked me about performing more shows?
Zack: Yes.
Sapphire: I'd like that. I'd actually like that. *a smile forms on her face.*
Zack: Me too. Say...have you ever heard of Kingdom Hearts?
Sapphire: I don't think so. Why?
Zack: I wanna play it with you, please.
Sapphire: I'm willing to try it.
(Zack turns on the PS2. Ruby and Jack Jr. come in, Ruby holding some plates of pancakes (pumpkin chocolate chip) and sees her sister and Zack about to play. She sets the plates down on the table near the couch bed.)
Ruby: Whatcha playin'?
Zack: Kingdom Hearts. Oooh, look. The opening's starting.
Sapphire+Ruby: *as they watch the opening.* Wow....
Zack+Jack Jr.: I know right? *hand Sapphire and Ruby the controller to share.*
Ruby: Whoa! You can jump around and swing a stick?
Zack: Uh huh.
Sapphire: What? The darkness is consuming the island?!
Jack Jr.: Crazy, huh?
All 4: *as Donald comes in a bit sleepy, and suddenly awoken by their yelling.* Kairi! NO!
Donald: WAK! Do you mind? I just got up. *notices the 4 of them.* Oh.
Ruby: Whoa! What's that key thing?
Jack Jr.+Zack: A Keyblade!
Sapphire: Itai! That has to hurt.
Sapphire+Ruby: Where are we?
Zack: Traverse Town.
Jack Jr.: Be cool, Sapph. Go for the face.
Ruby: Hey, who's that girl with the star thing?
Zack: Yuffie.
Sapphire: The blonde guy with the goggles?
Jack Jr.: Cid.
Sapphire+Ruby: Oh boy! Donald and Goofy!
Sapphire: Wait a minute. *to Donald trying to steady his nerves with tea.* Mr. Anger Face, you didn't tell me you were doing this series.
Zack and Jack Jr.: (giggle) Mr. Anger Face? Sure, we know he's easy to anger--
Donald: That's why she calls me that
Ruby: Uh-oh! There's black things everywhere like the big dark thing in Sora's dream! What are they?
Donald: *sits with them.* They're called Heartless. I was a little thrown off by them when Goofy and I had to fight them on set.
Ruby: I thought they were CGI.
Sapphire: Me too.
Zack: They were. Daddy said Fink-Fink created a special machine to make some sort of CGI thing come to life.
Jack Jr.: It didn't end well.
Ruby: Well I made some breakfast, so I hope you and my sis are hungry, little Pumpkin munchkin. *Zack's skull turns red.*
(Just then, the phone rings. Donald goes to answer it. The four children then continue playing Kingdom Hearts, laughing, cheering, and trash talking the Heartless on the way.)
Donald: Hello? Yes...okay. *to the twins.* It's for you. About last night...
Zack: *Sapphire pauses the game.* Hey, it's big sis.
Jack Jr.: I hope she's feeling better. *the twins both take the phone.*
Zack: Hi Jackie. Yes, we're at their place, Fink-Fink suggested us to be babysat by Sapphire and her sister. ....Sorry you couldn't come see our show. It was great.
Jack Jr.: Apparently Sapphire got roped into it by accident, as a last minute leading lady.
Sapphire: *they just finished the game while the twins were on the call.* I smell a sequel, sis.
A flashback story. Set during winter 2003 where Sapphire is 9 and Ruby is 10.
All characters except my OCs (Sapphire, Ruby, Zack, and Jack Jr.) belong to their respective owners.
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There is a hacker that hacks in your DeviantART ACCOUNT by changing your password and put Thomas the tank pics in your and posts inappropriate pics on your account. You must make a journal entry about it, so he/she wont hack you. I am helping you out.There's a hacker in D.A!!! He/She will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if he/she hacks your account. If he/she finds out that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.This hacker writes in journals 'I hate you all, go die', and (s)he'll also remove your watches. I suggest you to copy this journal to warn your watchers. Spread the word!!! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from deviantART!I suggest you to change your password. Make a stronger one, to make the hacker's job harder!!


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