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Kodona Lifestyle by Neko-Vi
by Neko-Vi

An amazing design! Words can't describe the outfit worn in this picture. It reminds of the old days in Spain and in England (specifical...

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They're really great!!! These artists really know how to do their stuff.





Scene 8-HOMC, main stage, later near the Story Tent
(After talking about the amazing show, the guests notice their hostesses are missing, so they along with the hosts start searching for them. Just then the lights go out, and flashing lights suddenly start to move about. 3 silhouettes are seen before Sapphire, dressed as Kayo Sudou over American McGee's Alice Liddell stumbles in. The spotlight shines on Habanera dressed as Columbia from Rocky Horror asking Sapphire about how old she is and how she (Habanera) had her first surgery and had started turning tricks since. This response makes Sapphire worry a bit until Ruby as a gender bent Graverobber jumps in and begins to lead "Zydrate Anatomy" with the audience. Alice Romanov as Princess Hilda struts in with Ronald Knox as Vaati to Ruby as she sings her lines in the song. By the end of the number, Sapphire is quickly rushed away by Graverobber because of sirens being heard. Sapphire soon finds herself alone and sighs. She then sits down near one of the guests' tables, and begins to use both scissors to weave and tailor her dream outfit. She sings, "The Tailor Shop of Enbizaka" as she works. Throughout the number, both of her scissors turn red and soon turn into a Vorpal Blade. During a part of it, she cuts her finger by mistake only for her wrist to be grabbed by someone and her wound to be sucked a bit. She quickly pulls her hand away and resumes her work. By the end of it, her kimono disappears into mist along with her dream one revealing her costume American McGee's Alice Liddell. So she pulls off the wig revealing her long dark brown hair.)
Sapphire: *looks up at the table and smiles at the small group. Cupping the chin of Don Diego, she holds the Vorpal Blade at his throat in one hand, whispering close to his ear.* I believe you said you owe someone an unfinished dance. And make it quick, I have a contract to keep. If I don't do it, my memories are forfeit.
Don Diego: *brushing Sapphire's weapon aside.* But of course, señorita. *he takes Sapphire's hand and leads her into the dance. Coincidentally the song, "El Tango de Roxanne" begins to play.*
Sapphire: *as they dance.* Something wrong, señor? You look like you saw a ghost. I heard from the princess herself that she's planning the song from earlier to be in the story she's working on. It suits part of it well in my honest opinion.
(Don Diego says nothing, but instead a small hidden smile forms on his lips. He then whispers the Spanish part of the song in Sapphire's ears causing her to nearly blush and give herself away. But she quickly restrains herself. After the song ends, it's then that the spotlight shines onstage revealing the Anarchy sisters (Panty dressed as Honey Kisaragi and Stocking dressed as Meyrin), and when music starts, they start to sing the Cutie Honey theme. Sapphire almost gives herself away again through humming a bit of it, but she quickly stops herself before anyone notices. Sapphire mentally sighs with relief, and quietly hums to herself the main menu theme of Alice Madness Returns as she resumes dancing.)
Don Diego: Tell me, strange señorita. What's your name?
Sapphire: Why ruin the moment, señor? Consider this one last fling with me before I settle down for good. *she then walks off after they finish the dance and after she thanks him for it.*
Duckula: Ha, you are one lucky cousin.
Igor: I must say, the musical was very impressive.
Nanny: I couldn't cheering for the red-haired glasses-wearing woman.
Duckula: It was definitely a man, Nanny.
Nanny: It was a woman. She most certainly acted like one.
(Dee and Dum dressed as Italy and Romano run past them and then hide behind the curtain after shouting, "We'll get you yet." Blood Dupre dressed as Germany and Alice (Heart no Kuni no Alice) dressed as Hungary walk over, Alice doing a facepalm.)
Igor: What on earth are those two doing?
Blood Dupre: A scheme they came up with. Everyone here is trying to figure out which person is which character. They're going through many lengths, excluding cheating and murder/bloodbaths, to try to get each other to crack and reveal themselves. Dee and Dum are trying to make my niece Habanera's friend reveal herself. So far, nothing.
Dee and Dum: Zip nada piña colada.
Igor: I can't imagine what lengths they went through to do this.
Sapphire: *calling out from somewhere* AH HA! KAZ IS CAPTAIN BARBOSSA!!
Kaz: *from somewhere.* Darn it. *pout*
Habanera: *glomps her uncle from behind* Ah ha. Uncle Blood is Germany from Hetalia.
Blood Dupre: And my niece is Columbia, the character not the country.
Habanera: *looks over to Igor and his master Duckula* Hello, boys. My fellow princesses told me about their visit to your castle. *dusts herself off after getting off her uncle* Careful though. I hear one of them's pretty good at this game.
Sanji: *calling out from somewhere* DAMN IT!! (facepalm) Geez...
Habanera: They've tried everything to make my friend crack, but nothing. I think she's pretty good at this game. She's already got Elliot March, me, Chopper, Kaz, Sanji, Usopp, and of course all 5 of the Babies.
Sapphire: *from somewhere* Ah ha! Two Brains is Two Face!
Two Brains: Got it in one!
Habanera: And now Two Brains. What are your costumes supposed to be?
Igor: I tried to insist that milord go as himself but he said--
Duckula: Where's the fun in that? I did a little research to find the perfect costume and then have Nanny make it.
Habanera: And judging by Igor in Sebastian's attire, you roped him as well?
Duckula: Yup.
Nanny: Doesn't my Duckyboos look handsome in his costume?
Duckula: Nanny, please don't embarrass me.
Grell: Oh my. *wraps her arms about Igor, dressed as Sebastian Michaelis.* Who is this young man dressed as my Sebas-chan?!?!
Panchito: *dressed in traditional Day of the Dead style he pops up beside Blood Dupre along with José dressed as a king of the zombies.* GRELL SUTCLIFE IS DRESSED AS SATINE FROM MOULIN ROUGE!!
Grell: Oh! *pout.* For once, I wish I didn't love Sebas-chan so much.
Panchito: Ha ha! We did it, amigo! *He and José give each other a high-five.*
Grell: *as Panchito and José run off.* I'LL GET YOU TWO YET!!! *turns to see Duckula in his Darkwing Duck costume.* Oh and who is this?
Igor: Madame, may I introduce my master Count Duckula.
Grell: The 17th.
Igor: You know?
Grell: I vaguely remember the princess telling me she did a high school report on the Duckula family at some point.
Habanera: I've been meaning to ask. Miss Nanny, was it? What is your lovely costume?
Nanny: Oh I'm so glad you asked me, milady. I am dressed as a dead bride.
Habanera: Call me Habanera. *fingers the lace on Nanny's costume.* Where'd you get the lace?
Nanny: I made it meself. It's a shame the young master doesn't have any sisters. I would've loved to make pretty things for them.
(Habanera looks deep in thought.)
Duckula: Is something wrong, Habanera?
Habanera: No, seeing your nanny's costume made me think. My friend is a writer and she's planning to put the 3 brides from the Haunted Mansions in her work.
Igor: You mean there's more than one Haunted Mansion in the theme parks?
Habanera: Why, yes, Igor. Two are in America, one's in Paris, one's in Tokyo, and another one is in Hong Kong. Only four out of the five have brides in them. Tokyo stuck to its design for their bride, but America's bride for their manors was turned into a black widow one a couple of years ago. As for the French design, they focused more on her and the haunting aspect of it. The 3 brides named Emily, Constance, and Melanie are the ones that she'll put in the story. From what she's got so far, I hear she introduced Emily Ravenscroft O'Hara.
(While Habanera is making small talk with the group, elsewhere, just near the story tent, Sapphire sighs with relief, catching her breath from running. She hums a bit of "Alice in Dreamland" to herself, not noticing Panchito and José sneaking over to where she is. By the time she finished her song--)
Sapphire: *suddenly grabbed from behind.* Oh. *she quickly aims her Vorpal Blade only for José to grab her wrist holding the Blade.*
José: Calm yourself, Alice.
Sapphire: I won't fall for your tricks, your majesty. *while she struggles to pull her wrist away, José begins to lean close and with his fingers gently brushes some of her hair aside.* W-What are you--
Br'er Fox: *calling to them.* Well don't stand there, your majesty. Kiss her. I know she likes you.
Sapphire: *turning her head aside to shout.* YOU stay out of this, Br'er Fox dressed as Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
Br'er Fox: *from afar.* Darn it!
Sapphire: Ha! *turns to see José close to her face.* EEP! *a blush forms on her face.* Cut that out.
(Suddenly, something pushes them apart. Sapphire sees it's the Aracuan dressed as a clown.)
Sapphire: *while José does a facepalm and groans.* Thank you, Aracuan. *The Aracuan salutes her and runs off.* Phew!
José: I'm surprised you didn't crack yet.
Sapphire: Neither did you nor your amigo. How many did you get? I got Elliot March, Habanera, Chopper, Kaz, Sanji, Usopp, all 5 of the Babies, Two Brains, and recently Br'er Fox.
Panchito: Ha! *comes out from under the table.* You're way ahead of us.
José: We've been playing as a team.
Panchito: Between the two of us, you got five more than we do.
Sapphire: What do you say to me joining your team?
José: Promise you won't betray us and reveal our costumes?
Sapphire: Only if you both do the same for me.
Panchito: Fair enough. Come on, let's go find--
Jareth: *from elsewhere.* Hello, anyone in here?
Panchito and José: Uh oh.
Sapphire: *motioning to the table.* Hide under here. I've got an idea.
(The two caballeros do so as Jareth dressed as Gaston arrives with Ghirahim dressed as Jareth and Ganondorf dressed as a kabuki actor.)
Sapphire: Uh, señor, what a nice surprise.
Jareth: Isn't it, Miss Liddell? I'm full of surprises. There's not anyone in town who'd love to be where you're at right now.
Sapphire: And why pray tell is that?
Jareth: Because I want to marry you. So Alice, what'll it be? Is it yes or is it "oh yes"?
Sapphire: *aside to the trying not to laugh Panchito and José in hiding.* Oh no is more like it.
Jareth: Was the table giggling?
Ghirahim: Hmmm, it sounded like it. But I'm sure we're just imagining things.
Sapphire: *to Jareth.* I....I just don't deserve you.
Jareth: Who does?
Sapphire+Panchito+José: *as Panchito and José come out of their hiding place.* But thanks for asking, Jareth as Gaston. *rush off laughing before Jareth tries to guess*
Jareth: *to Ghirahim and Ganondorf, as Ganondorf bursts into laughter.* Like I said, she's too good at this game.
Ghirahim: We'll let her have her fun. Remember how overconfidence can be a downfall?
Ganondorf: *after recovering from laughter.* Link has fallen victim to hubris many a time.
Jareth: *a smile forms on Jareth's face.* I see.

Scene 9-HOMC, recording booth
(Panchito, José, and Sapphire run into the recording booth and slam the door shut. They then collapse onto the floor laughing.)
Sapphire: *recovers from laughter.* Phew. So, how many did we guess this time?
Panchito: Let's see...counting the 6 we've got, the 11 you've got...and 1 we got together..we've got 18.
Sapphire: Oh, man. I wish I could've stayed longer to see the look on his face. This is fun. We are so gonna win this.
José: Be careful, princessa. Don't get overconfident.
(They quickly hide as footsteps are heard. The Hiitachiins are seen laughing in their costumes (Miguel and Tulio). They brag lines from the movie where Panchito sneaks up and waits nonchalantly with his teammates.)
Panchito: Hola!
Hikaru and Kaoru: YIKE!
Panchito: Hey, amigo y amiga, I found the Hiitachiins, and they're dressed as Miguel and Tulio.
Sapphire: *popping up beside Panchito with José.* You're kidding. They certainly look the part.
Hikaru: Darn it. Kaoru, you were right. We should've picked different costumes. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.
Kaoru: Hikaru, don't say such things...
Sapphire: Nice try but it won't work on me.
Panchito and José: Or me.
Sapphire: That makes 20 we've got. Or 19 depending on whether we count the Hiitachiins as a costume team or not. Where's your amigo? We haven't guessed him yet.
(The 3 of them notice Donald dressed as Dr. Henry Jekyll searching about for costumes to guess. Sapphire notices the mike nearby and turns it on. After recovering from hearing the loud feedback, Sapphire clears her throat.)
Sapphire: *through the microphone.* Nice costume, Donald as Dr. Henry Jekyll.
Donald: Wha--*looks around, and spots the princess and his two amigos up there. The Hiitachiins had snuck away.* HEY!
(The 3 of them laugh. Donald seethes a little bit from anger at the unexpected attack. Sapphire just sits on top of Brook's piano that was placed in the room and starts belting out random songs while happily looking at her engagement ring on one of her fingers. She then sighs happily as she starts writing down ideas for her stories while lying on her stomach.)
Brook: *appearing beside the 3 of them.* Would you like me to play you a song, princess?
Sapphire: Certainly, Brook. I know you won't reveal my costume, right?
Brook: Of course not. I gave my word before the party and I intend to keep it as a gentleman. How about that song "Down at the Midnight Rectory"?
Sapphire: *looks to Panchito and José.* Are there 3 caballeros?
Brook: I will take that as a "yes". *plays an A minor scale on the piano.* Now I admit to not knowing the lyrics, so you'll have to make do with the music.
Panchito: We'll manage. Play the melody line with your right hand.
(Donald had come up to where they were, about to reveal the costumes during the conversation. But the moment Brook starts playing, he goes to where Panchito, Sapphire, and José are and asks, "What's he playing?" "I wouldn't know," shrugs Panchito, "Me neither," José says, "but it sounds like the swinging samba." The 3 of them soon notice Sapphire swaying her head to the beat before snapping her fingers later on.)
Donald: Hey, you can snap your fingers to this tune.
Brook: I know. Isn't it marvelous? I hear it's the latest craze in Ruby's cult movie circuit.
(Sapphire is heard singing the lyrics causing Brook and the 3 caballeros' jaws to drop open in surprise.)
Brook: *after he and the caballeros recover from their surprise and he picks up his lower jaw and fixes it back on him.* Ah, those are the lyrics.
Sapphire: I learned it from my sister who was singing it. She went to see the movie this is from about a month ago. She downloaded the soundtrack the day after.
Brook: Sounds intriguing. I hear there's a song called, "Shovel and Bone" on the soundtrack.
Sapphire: Hit me with some Seussical, Brook if you please.
Brook: As you wish. *he plays an E flat major chord.*
(As Sapphire sings the reprise of "How lucky you are" sung by Mayzie Labird in the musical, Marie dressed as Kayo Sudou enters the room holding a tray of three kinds of chocolate fondue in one hand while the other hand held some cheese fondues on a tray. Sapphire notices and helps her out by taking the cheese fondue tray off of Marie's hands.)
Marie: *as Sapphire places the cheese fondue tray on top of the piano.* Ah, merci.
Sapphire: Dōitashimashite.
Marie: You're not guessing my costume?
Sapphire: I know it. I just thought I'd take a break from the game to do a challenge. *indicating the fondue trays placed on top of the piano.* And those fondue pots give me an idea. *She grabs a fondue dipping fork from one of the trays, and sticks a piece of brie on it. She then looks carefully and dips the brie into some dark chocolate just as Duckula comes in, looking for costumes to guess.*
Duckula: *noticing Sapphire.* Um, what are you doing?
Sapphire: What does it look like? (chomps a bite of the chocolate covered slice of brie. Savors the taste for a bit and then swallows it) Hmmm....1, 2, 3, FONDUE!
Duckula: Ooh, neat. The fondue challenge. Mind if I join?
Sapphire: You might get a stomachache later, but be my guest.
(While the two of them are distracted, Ganondorf sneaks in and tries to guess Sapphire's costume.)
Sapphire: *swallows a chocolate dipped carrot.* 1, 2, 3, FONDUE! And Ganondorf's a kabuki actor!
Ganondorf: *giving himself a facepalm.* D'oh!
Duckula: Yuck, fondon't! *after he washes the taste of something off his tongue with water.* Sorry, chocolate dipped pickle.
Sapphire: Yuck, that's disgusting.
(Alice Romanov and Don Diego (gallantly dressed as a Spanish cavalier) appear nonchalantly near the doorway with Ronald Knox at Alice's side and Kaito (dressed as the Mad Hatter, a mix of the Mad T Party version with hints of Goth Lolita in it) right beside the little group.)
Kaito: Before you ask, it's the Fondue challenge.
Ronald Knox: You've heard of it?
Kaito: I have, as has Alice.
Alice Romanov: We've been participants in it before. *facepalm.* And Kaito, please don't mention the time I played in one of the rounds. She made me and Bowser Jr. eat chocolate covered tomatoes. They may both look good on cakes, but not together.
Kaito: *giggle* That's what you get for making Sapphire eat a chocolate covered jalapeño pepper.
Panchito+José+Donald: *turning to them.* You're kidding.
Kaito: Nope, I kid you not. During one of the rounds, Alice made my fiancée eat a chocolate covered jalapeño pepper.
Don Diego: Interesting. I bet her mouth was burning.
Kaito: It was, you should've seen her face. But it's not as funny as the Belafonte spell 2 years ago.
Panchito: Caramba, at least she didn't make the princess eat a ghost pepper. I hear that's the spiciest pepper on Earth.
Donald: No kidding. I had to drink lots of water after I tasted one once while we were in Mexico.
(Sapphire sighs, and turns to see someone familiar to her. She quickly rushes past the small group at the door, politely saying excuse me as she does so. Kaito sneaks off after her. Alice Romanov turns on her tunes.)
Alice Romanov: I don't wanna date, get the hell away from me. *stops when she sees the gang looking at her.* Sorry, it's this cool song Sapph sang after she broke up with her first boyfriend.

Scene 10-HOMC, main stage
(Sapphire reaches the table and sees the familiar someone (looking younger than her age) having pumpkin cider with Yuko dressed as Banika Conchita.)
Sapphire: Yuko's dressed as Banika Conchita.
Yuko: Oh! *pout.*
???: *giggle.* That's my youngest, always smart.
Sapphire: *blinks in surprise at what she just heard.* M..MOM!?!?!
Tanzanite: Mmm-hmm. My, how you've grown. I missed you and Ruby so much. *Sapphire walks over to her.*
Sapphire: After you stopped keeping in touch with us when Ruby turned 17, I thought we lost you. *tears start to spill out of her eyes and she wraps her mother in a hug.*
(Kaito comes over and sees this. He calls over Ruby who comes over. Tanzanite motions her oldest daughter over, and the three girls reunite in a group hug. Kaito smiles at the reunion as he pours himself some cachaça. The 3 women talk about what has happened, and how their mother is so proud of them and happy for their marriages to be. Tanzanite is then introduced to Sapphire's fiancée Kaito. As he explains how they first met and such, Sapphire has some cachaça. José had come down to where she is, with Panchito, Donald, and the others in tow.)
José: Pardon me. Sapphire, should we get back to the game and--?
Igor: Lady Sapphire?!?! W-What a surprise!
Sapphire: (giggle) Surprised? Who'd you expect me to dress up as, Seymour Krelbourn? I just thought I'd do something new. And besides it was either this or Banika Conchita. But Yuko pulls Conchita off so well.
Tanzanite: Ironically, I'm dressed as Seymour Krelbourn.
Nanny: *to Hikaru Shidou, Umi, and Fuu dressed as genderbent and humanized The 3 Caballeros (Hikaru as Panchita, Fuu as Joséfina, and Umi as Donna (Donald).* Who's that with them?
Fuu: That is Miss Sapphire and Miss Ruby's mother, Queen Tanzanite.
Umi: She works as a scientist for film studios and travels about.
Hikaru: She always manages to support her daughters and cheer them on no matter what show they're doing or where she is.
Nanny: She looks too young to be a parent.
Fuu: Appearances can be deceiving, Miss Nanny. Tanzanite is well in her 50s age-wise.
Duckula: Really? Nanny and I thought she was 30.
Tanzanite: Aww, how sweet you are, Count Duckula.
(No one noticed that Sapphire and Ruby snuck off until Sapphire is heard singing. Ruby appears on the stage wearing a familiar red and white hat with her Graverobber costume and "playing" a piano as Sapphire sings while swaying her body and hips to the beat of the song, looking a bit strange. Tanzanite notices this.)
Tanzanite: Um, gentlemen how much of that cachaça did she drink? I was too busy talking away to notice.
José: *warily.* Um, 3 bottles. Why?
(Tanzanite whips out her video camera and starts recording her youngest daughter's drunken antics.)
Sapphire: *drunk.* Hey, I'm Wario. *hic* I am an asshole. I am an asshole. I am such an asshole. Look at me!
Donald: (rofl) Aw man, that was awesome.
????: *appearing beside the Caballeros.* Goodness, even when drunk, your amiga still looks fabulous.
(Panchito turns around and is surprised to see--)
Panchito: La Muerte? How--?
La Muerte: *places a finger to her lips signaling him to not tell the princess.* I was the one who led your friend to that sketch of the Tree of Life during the con and inspiring her.
Kaito: And those two drunkards onstage are Sapphire as Alice Liddell and Ruby as the Graverobber.
Mario: *dressed as a mafia boss.* And give me back my hat, Ruby.
(The two princesses finally get off, the game being won by Kaito and his teammate Don Diego since they got more guesses than Sapphire and her teammates Panchito and José. Ruby has to restrain her sister from kissing any guy, since her sister had turned flirty and kissy kissy after drinking too much. Alice Romanov, noticing they're probably not going to be sober enough to perform "Villains Tonight!" pulls out a book and appears onstage in shadows. Her voice is heard demanding not to be touched, as it struggles to break free. The spotlight then shines on her after the last voice (Charmy Bee) says, "That's where she's going. You, open that door.")
Alice Romanov: "I do not know what manner of thing she is. None of us do. She killed her mother in the birthing but that's never enough to account for it." *sigh.* "They call me wise, but I am far from wise, for all that I foresaw fragments of it, frozen moments caught in pools of water or in the cold glass of my mirror. If I were wise I would no have tried to change what I saw. If I were wise I would have killed myself before I encountered her, before ever I caught him." *sits herself near Sapphire and Ruby's exclusive table where they along with the caballeros and their sweethearts (Donald and Daisy Duck, Panchito and Arista, and José and Alana) sit.* "Wise, and a witch or so they said, and I'd seen his face in my dreams and in reflections for all my life: 18 years of dreaming of him before he reined his horse by the bridge that day, and asked my name."
(Throughout the rest of "Snow Glass, Apples", Alice Romanov plays her role as the teller of the story, while Sanji voices the king, Ruby voices the princess (aka Snow White) and Jenna, Herr Von Krolock voices the Lord of the Fair and the Archbishop, and Soma voices the prince. A familiar hand is placed on Tanzanite's shoulder, turning to it, she smiles knowingly as the hand offers her a medicine to help her youngest daughter Sapphire recover from a budding hangover.)
Tanzanite: Thanks, Beej. *hands the thing to Sapphire who drinks it willingly and recovers. She thanks her mother.*
(At the end of the story, the audience applauds. Sapphire asks what the hell happened when she was drunk; her mother shows her the footage and even Sapphire can't help but laugh at herself at her own embarrassing moment. She notices some of the Babies getting sleepy and decides to tell friendly ghost stories instead of another show. Everyone tells their best happy-ending ghost stories and all go to bed after the Mad T Party performs to bring life to the party.)

Scene 11-Puffy AmiYumi/Thousand Sunny Tour Limo/Ship, Sapphire's bedroom
(Sapphire sighs after finishing up her last online class assignment, and then goes to sleep, dreaming of all the Halloween fun that happened in the night, and of what's to come in her future. She smiles softly in her sleep and lets herself be carried into her sweet dreams.)
Love is found anytime, even Halloween part 4
The A--hole song Sapph sings is from TheRunawayGuys.  All the characters except me and my sister's OCs belong to their respective owners.
21 deviations
As you could tell by the title, I was in a production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.  The role I played besides the Hat Seller in the opening number was Madame de La Grande Bouche (aka the Wardrobe) (although I would've loved to have been the lead, but I had fun with this role).

Here's a brief summary about how the 3 shows went:

Show 1: A few mistakes (one actor missed her line in the opening song, an actor missed her cue in a scene in the castle--specifically the one where the servants tell the Beast what to do to be a gentleman--but I took over quickly and saved the day! Our Belle ran a little late for the title song scene, and we forgot to put the mirror in the right spot. Also, technical cue problems for the music). Overall: great!

Show 2: Not so much mistakes as show 1 (one of the actors was on the other side instead of the side she was supposed to be on for the be our guest number. Our belle ran late for the title song scene again, I believe. Another technical cue problem). Overall: Wonderful!

Show 3: Today. Perfectly well done! (No mistakes, Belle made it on time for the title song scene and they did not forget my music cue).  Overall: AWESOME SAUCE!!  In fact, some ppl from New York City told our director that they thought we were professionals.


Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I love anime, manga, and video games. I am also a Broadway girl (in other words, I've seen a couple of Broadway shows). I love music except dirty rap however I love the Storycrafter raps because they make sense and tell a story. I also like many different movies, except for the High School Musical trilogy and Lemonade Mouth and Twilight Saga (sparkling vampires? Not cool.).

Favourite genre of music: Any kind except dirty rap
Favourite style of art: Any kind
Wallpaper of choice: Anime themed
Skin of choice: Black, Red, or purple
Favourite cartoon character: Every single one except for ones I hate
Personal Quote: "There's a price to pay in everything. Nothing in life is free."

Hates: cyber-bullying, haters, liars, bullies, any kind of abuse, 'no thank you' helpings, seafood, spicy foods, bossy parents (like my dad)

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Hello, I am contacting everyone in my watch list to tell them about my latest project.

Myself and Traumwelt (visit his DA page here-->nemoalleintraumwelt.deviantart…) have begun creating our first comic book together. It is called Old Harry's tale, and it is a supernatural and philosophical drama.

We call ourselves Scapegoat comics and all news of the project will be relayed here at the Scapegoat comics club -->… And I would like all those who watch me to join.

The project is going to be set to a kickstarter which will be linked to the club page later in the week. And all who join the club will have early access to the rewards including the free digital intro comic bening the rules.

If you want to join it is automatically approved, you just need to click a button. If you don't want to, that's fine. It's your choice after all.

Also even if you do not join the club I would be most pleased if you watched this video we made and tell us what you think-->…

Once again, you can ingore all of this. You have free will after all.
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